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Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve blogged anything with substance. I was recovering from my awesome birthday celebration and some additional nights of debauchery that followed days after. I definitely should give my liver a rest! Now that things have finally settled down, I can finally blog about my wonderful celebration of me.

I just have to start by saying that I HAVE THE MOST AMAZING BOYFRIEND EVER! He treats me so well and he spoils me even though he doesn’t need to. He always out-does himself every year! He definitely knows how to make me feel special. I love him sooooo much! I already told him that he didn’t have to get me anything and that I really just wanted to have a nice special dinner with him but he went the extra mile and planned an amazing birthday for me.

First, he surprised me with the awesome camera that I wanted.

Well, kind of surprised me. He wanted to surprise me with it but we’re always together, and with our hectic schedule, he didn’t have any time to go to the store to pick it up without me being right there with him. So after work on the Thursday before my birthday, he drove me to Fry’s to pick up my gift. He wanted me to have it so I can record the class I was teaching that night and to take pictures of our weekend. Our good friend Gian was also going to be in town to celebrate his birthday as well, so it was great to have a new camera to record our time together.

On my birthday, Pooh took me out for dinner after work.  He got us reservations at Cucina Urbana, a restaurant I’ve been raving about for quite some time now.  I’m absolutely in love with this place.  The food is incredible, the decor is urban and chic without being pretentious, and the service is great!

It was an amazing dinner with my Poohburr. Sweet, romantic, and the most perfect way to celebrate my birthday! We headed home to rest up so we could meet up with some friends for drinks later that night…or so I thought! Pooh had another surprise up his sleeve for me. When I opened the door to our kitchen to let Gizmo out, I was pleasantly greeted and surprised to see my friends hiding in the kitchen screaming “SURPRISE!”. I was nearly thrown back because they scared the hell out of me!

It’s a great feeling to know that there was so much thought and effort into making my birthday special. I am truly thankful and blessed to have these people in my life, especially Pooh. The people that you surround yourself with help make those special moments in your life. I look back at all the pictures that I took – all of my “digital memories” – and they’re of happy times with people I truly care about and love. I love saving these memories because they’re moments in my life when I was happy, despite how momentous or random they might be. People walk in and out of our lives, as sad as it may seem, but all of those people shape us and have affected us in some way. We’re who we are and where we are because of them. :)

Anyway, enough Hallmark talk. I’ve uploaded all of my pics from my birthday bash to my Facebook. I’ll be adding them to my blog galleries soon. I’m doing my laundry and it’s 1:09am. Perhaps I should sleep soon. Here’s a bunch of photos from the rest of the night…after our surprise party at home we went out after wards to go somewhere…I unfortunately do not remember. I’m told I had a blast!


Thanks again for all the birthday wishes everyone! ::big kisses little kisses, big hugs n little hugs::




I wanted to take a quick moment to say thanks for all the birthday wishes! Pooh is taking me our for dinner tonight and I’m extremely excited. I’ll be posting to brag about how amazing he is soon :) Big heart U all!



So…Pooh’s been asking me what I want for my birthday. I don’t really want anything, and there’s nothing that I absolutely must have. I’ve been saving up for a nice Rolex but don’t want to shell out quite yet – especially since we just filed our taxes…ouch. I also don’t know what I want to do to celebrate my birthday either.

I guess right now I feel like I want to keep holding it off so I don’t have to face the fact that I’m getting older. I know, I know, I’m not OLD…but I’m getting oldER. I’m inching closer and closer to 30 and I’m a bit disappointed in myself. I want to do something great by the time I turn 30. I still don’t know what exactly what I want to do with my life. I’m happy with where I’m at but I’m still finding myself and haven’t quite found my niche. I am definitely proud of my accomplishments and think I’ve gone pretty far. I just want to make my mark in this world. Perhaps I’m meant for greatness. I always wanted to be a ninja. :)

Well, I do have my blog…maybe someday this blog will launch me into something great! Only time will tell.

Anyway, if I there was anything on my wishlist, it would be a Samsung TL225 or an iMac since my laptop is old and shitty. Er…no offense (don’t completely break on me!), I do love my Vaio but it dies the moment I move the AC adaptor. I did already get myself a Nexus One so I think I’m pleased with what I have. Of course, the gadget freak in me wouldn’t mind a few more toys. I do look forward to having an amazing dinner with my Poohburr above all things. He’s the best birthday gift…especially naked!



Pooh and I just booked our hotel for SF Pride this year. I’m very excited because we’re going with a lot of our friends. We’ll be staying at the Best Western Americania near Castro so we can drunkenly walk to the hotel after the Pink Party. It’s still very early, but I like to plan ahead :) I’m OCD like that.



In 2009, Fleshjack debuted the Fleshjack Boys line with the Visconti Triplets and now they’re looking for a new face, and cock, to show off their product. A good friend of mine happens to be in the running for Fleshjack’s next Fleshjack Boy. I’ve always respected Brent Corrigan as a performer and as a fellow San Diego Blogger (he’s quite the articulate writer). Pooh and I give him our full support. We’re rootin for ya!

Please show your love by casting your vote on Fleshjack’s Website! Voting ends May 14th. Don’t procrastinate! Click now :)

I forgot to mention before, Pooh did a photo-shoot with Brent Corrigan a while back. You can see some of them posted (like the ones below) on Brent’s website.





My first wordpress post via my Nexus One!



So it’s approximately week 7 on my P90x workout Project “bigguhh tigguhh” and I haven’t noticed much of a difference since my last update (week 2).  I’m not expecting miraculous results in such little time, but I think I’ve made some progress for having skipped a couple workouts because of my work schedule.  Is anyone else working hard on their summer body?  I’d like to hear from you guys.  What kind of workouts are you doing?  Special diets and supplements?  I’m taking No-xplode and Musclemilk.

It’s always great motivation to know that others are working out as well.

On a random note, I shaved my head :P  Gizmo chewed up the #2 guard that I usually use to buzz my hair so I had to go a little shorter with a #1 guard.



Pooh and I took Gizmo out on our “Date Day”. Since it was nice and sunny out – after it had rained like crazy all morning – we thought it’d be nice to take him out for a drive.

We stopped by Mission Beach to walk around and let Gizmo run around. He was having a blast! It’s been a while since we’ve been able to take him out to a park so it was nice to see him run wild.


Silly Gizmo, those are ducks! Quack Quack! :)

After a long relaxing stay at Mission Beach, we headed home. I was pleasantly greeted with my new Nexus One! Yay!!!!



Pooh has a Nexus One and loves it so I got myself one too. It came in the mail earlier than I thought it would. Yay! It’s sleek, sexy, fast, powerful, and feels nice in my hands…rrrRrrrRr just the way I like my men. ;)



I just realized that in just 9 days, I turn 27. Time has seemed just fly by lately. I guess my hectic work and play schedule makes it difficult to take things slow – busy busy busy. I wish I could slow time down a bit. I really want to cherish every single moment.


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