Pooh and I usually go out for a nice dinner for Valentines day but this year Pooh surprised me with something different. While most couples were at fancy restaurants doing sweet romantic cliche Valentines day things, we were at home having the most insane, rough, incredibly wild, and hardcore sex imaginable. It was awesome. What better way to keep our flame alive after 8 long years than by giving it to each other times 10.

Valentines day is a bit odd for us because it’s also Pooh’s brother’s birthday and so he usually has to leave me at home for a couple hours while he spends time with his family. Before Pooh left, we grabbed some drinks at Fiesta Cantina together.  We guzzled 2 beers each and he went on his way.  I used this time home alone to take some pics for my blog, which I’ve just now posted to the galleries section. I unfortunately do not have any pictures of our “intimate celebration”.

Pooh’s bugging me to sleep now since it’s 2am so I guess the details will have to wait till later.

After our crazy bed bumping we passed out…only to awaken to our friend’s calling us because they’re outside our front door. We had also made plans earlier that day to go out with our friends to Richs. We didn’t think we’d fall asleep but we definitely wore ourselves out. So we got ready and had our friends over for some drinks then headed to Richs. It was really fun at Richs. I will definitely post pictures as soon as I steal them off of our friends’ Facebook when she uploads them. :)