Updated 01/15/2010

So I was trying to post about our New Years and man was it a blur. 2 weeks later, I’m trying to think of everything we did so I could blog about it and all I can remember is being intoxicated 90% of the time. It looks like we’ll never know what happened exactly, but I suppose the pictures pretty much say it all.

From what I recall, the days went like this…

DAY 1 – (Wednesday Dec 30th)
Pooh and I headed up to Vegas right after work. Our friends Jo and Aurbrey drove separately. Our buddy Gian let us all stay over at his place. When we arrived, we went to a gay bar called BUFFALO for drinks. We had a blast!

DAY 2 – (Thursday Dec 31st, NYE)
We spent the day walking around Vegas and being tourists. I had to do some shopping while we were in Vegas so I dragged everyone around the strip.

I really wanted to get M&M’s and an awesome M&M dispenser from M&M World…so I got one. :)

Mission Accomplished!

After we did our shopping, we headed to Gian’s place to get ready for New Years Eve. We had a preparty before we headed to the strip for the New Years Celebration!



We celebrated the count down right in front of Planet Hollywood…underneath Holly.

It was an awesome New Years Celebration!

DAY 3 – (New years Day)
We ended up driving back to San Diego on New Years day. After taking a power nap, we spontaneously decided to drive up to LA and party with our buddy Flo. We were going to go to Rage but the line was really long by the time we got to West Hollywood. We were at Fiesta Cantina and ran into one of my blog readers :)

It’s always nice running into people that read my blog. You guys can always say hi…I don’t bite! Well, sometimes. :)

We stayed the night at Flo’s place since we were far too intoxicated to head back to San Diego that night.

DAY 4 – Saturday Jan 2nd…
During our stay in Vegas, I just discovered CB2 as I was going through my friend Gian’s magazines. I was extremely excited when I found out there was a CB2 in West Hollywood! Pooh and I totally splurged any saved up funds for our trip to Vegas in CB2…but hey, when’s the next time I’ll be in Weho? I might as well buy what I can while we were there…is what I kept telling myself. After I over indulged my shopping cravings, we headed to Japantown to over indulge in Shabu Shabu.

If you’ve never had Shabu Shabu…you’ve definitely gotta try it! This post is already pretty long so google it if you don’t know what it is :)

After our amazing meal, we decided it was time we headed to San Diego for some much needed rest. While we were taking a nap in OUR bed, I got a text from my friend that Universal was closing and was throwing it’s final party that night. We called up our buddy David and prepared ourselves for our 3rd night of consuming massive amounts of alcohol. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics from this night.

Day 5 and Day 6 – RECOVERY
We were off on Sunday and Monday but decided to spend the days just recovering. It was a pretty crazy New Years and the days following were a New Year celebration all on their own. It was great to have partied with our great friends in 3 days and in 3 different cities. I am very thankful to have such good friends in my life and I’m so happy to have my Poohburr in my life as well. Thanks for a great New Years! I look forward to an awesome 2010. Best wishes to everyone and I hope this year, and the years to come, brings you love and happiness in every form imaginable.

To view ALL of the pictures from our New Years Weekend please visit the Galleries section of my Blog.

  • Hazen
    January 17, 2010

    What an interesting merging of cultures in this post. All in the same few days you have shabu-shabu, Tom of Finland leather stuff, M&M World, and the Las Vegas strip.

    Well done Tigz & Pooh

    • Tiggah
      January 17, 2010

      yup, random but i love it all!

  • eemran
    January 18, 2010

    Prosperity forever to u both!