To the guy that is posting to my friend’s blog in my name,

I am not quite sure what it is that I have done to make you want to put my name to comments that can jeopardize my friendships and relationships, both personal and professional. Maybe you are just having fun and are just joking, but this blog means a lot to me and I don’t want to have to just throw it all away because of what you are doing. I’ve put a lot of time and care into my blog and I’ve always tried to live my life in the most positive way that I can. I was devastated when I lost my Flickr since I’ve put sooo much time and all of my images (most of which I have no backups of) into it. I am hurt by a comment that I’ve read that you posted, IN MY NAME, on a blog owned by a good friend of mine. Do you realize that you could of ruined our friendship? You’ve also been trying to post to my blog referencing my place of work. Would me losing my job and basically ruining my life really make you happy? You might not really care about the consequences of your actions but I am kindly asking you to please stop. I am not angry, just confused as to what I did to make you want to do this. Anyway, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • norm
    December 24, 2009

    i never thought someone would do that to someone else..omg i dont know what to should be careful..he/she might be someone you know..

  • fioco
    December 25, 2009

    May you and Pooh have a joyous Christmas. May your frankness, openness, sense of adventure, and random exuberance bring your happiness and joy throughout the New Year.
    Joyeux Noel!,

  • kenji
    December 25, 2009

    Maybe the person is showing how much of a risk you take by exposing yourself and how much you can lose? What were to happen if someone at work or family Google you. You seem to put your fate in the hands of other people. Is that being responsible to yourself. You maybe positive, but you cannot expect others to act in kind. Read The Prince.

    • Tiggah
      December 26, 2009

      Thank you for commenting. It is true and definitely a lot to think about. I’ve been running my blog on blogger and this blog for a couple years now and have thought about the risks a lot. The thing is, my blog is out there and my “stuff” has been out there for a long time and there really isn’t anything I can do about it. I am not ashamed of my blog and I feel if someone wants to look and read my blog then they can read it, if they don’t want to then they can just move on and look away. I have co-workers that have recently discovered my blog and actually enjoy it (they don’t look at the “graphic” stuff by choice of course), and it really isn’t a big deal to me. I honestly don’t really care if my family finds out because I know that this part of my life doesn’t concern them. It isn’t the “finding out about my blog” that I am concerned about. It’s the instigation and pretending to be me to make hurtful and negative comments that can affect my relationships and reputation that I am concerned about. I think it’s pretty messed up for someone to look at my blog and be like….”Oh that guy runs a risk by exposing himself and he can lose a lot…maybe I should make comments on peoples blogs and pretend to be him and say things that will ruin his reputation. Yes, that will definitely help him see that he should be more careful.” Anyway, it is true…and I will still live my life with a positive mind and treat others how I’d want them to treat me…I can’t expect others to act so kind. It just sucks that this person WANTS to do this.

  • Ent
    December 26, 2009

    We love you. Don’t worry it’ll all be fine.

  • Hazen Colbert
    December 28, 2009


    If what you post on your blog is the real you, and you get great internal validation of being really you, then the risks will be worth it. Your very positive and healthy images of you & Pooh are inspiring. Your xxx images are actually very tame as they are self nudes only. It is disappointing that someone would want to create problems for you. Your blog is art and is very tastefully done. It reflects you, your relationships and your generation.

  • vondraye
    January 7, 2010

    I know the feeling…
    I pity those people, nothing good to do.
    Anyway, like Ent wrote, everything will be fine…

    We love you!