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One of our favorite things to do on our days off is making Sprinkles cupcakes and enjoying a movie at home (well, it’s two but they go hand in hand). It was a beautiful day today so we drove around and went went to Fashion Valley to do some shopping. We also picked up some tea since it’s been cold in SD lately. OMFG I’ve never paid so much for tea ever in my life. 2 scoops of loose leaf tea for frikkin 50 bucks!? Wow. Anyway, we watched Astro Boy as we stuffed our faces full of cupcake and sipped our over priced tea. I love just hanging out at home and doing things like baking cupcakes with my boo. As I told my friend Tommy, the simple things in life are what makes life special…especially when it’s with the one you love.



I just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING (er, belated that is). Pooh and I went to Pooh’s mom’s to enjoy some delicious Chinese food. There was turkey, ham, lechon, and A LOT of chinese food. Every year Pooh’s mom gets food from Golden Chopsticks in National City. I wasn’t able to visit my family in Temecula today so I went with Pooh to his mom’s house. The food was delicious and I was stuffed!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I’m hoping to blog about our Florida trip soon. Our days off are Sundays and Mondays so I hope I have some time to post it then. :) Take care everyone!



Pooh and I are on our flight back to San Diego. I am loving United. It’s very comfortable and spacious, there’s an in flight movie, a great (for a plane) food selection, seats are comfy, and it’s been a pleasant trip so far. We flew from Jacksonville to Washington Dulles, then transfered onto this flight to San Diego. This flight is about 5 hours long; currently, we have about 3.5 hrs left. They’re playing Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince. Pooh and I shared a Roast Beef Sandwich with Kettle Chips. Pooh got himself Bailey’s on the rocks and I got a Cab and a Toblerone – I think red wine and chocolate pair nicely. :) Now that I’ve finished my wine I’m a bit sleepy. We got up at 6am to get ready for our flight. I’ll be posting this to my blog as soon as we land.

Wuhoo! Just landed! :)



So Pooh and I are on the plane to florida. I hope to post via my awesome G1 super phone when we land. Actually, we’re on our way to Charlotte, North Carolina and will then transfer onto a flight to Florida. My nerves have kind of calmed since I’ve indulging myself to a couple drinks. The Pomegranite Martini is quite tasty!

We have a delay when we land until our next flight. We’re not quite sure what we’ll do to pass the time but I suppose a few more drinks wouldn’t hurt. :)

Pooh is playing solitaire on his G1 while I type away on mine. Pooh is sitting aisle side while I sit in the center seat. Our neighbor occupying the window seat seems nice – quiet and basically slept the whole way through. I still find it amazing whenever I glance out the window and see that we’re hovering above clouds. I mean, we’re in a giant metal contraption shooting through the sky; it’s not natural!
I’ve always had dreams where I was flying and found myself playing in the clouds. This, in a way, feels as though I’m dreaming. The sun is painting the sky in a lush of oranges, pinks, blues, and purple. It’s a beautiful sight actually. I’d love to snap a picture but I think it’d be a bit rude to interrupt my neighbor.
It should be 3:46pm but it’s as though we’re flying through a vortex into the future. The cabin is getting dark and the sun has set so quickly! I look around and see people reading, using their laptops, and people sleeping. Then I look at my babe and he’s smiling at me while munching on some mini oreos that we bought with our martinis. He’s so cute! I am so happy that I’m able to experience things like this with him.

We should be landing soon. I had a bit of a nap right after take off but I think I’ll try and take another before we land. I’ll try to make another mobile post during our trip soon!




Pooh and I will be traveling to Florida this Thursday to photograph a wedding. The handsome couple were impressed by Pooh’s photography and invited us to document their union. Both of them also happen to be long time readers of my blog!

Tommy & Oliver were married November 13th, 2009 and will be having a lovely wedding ceremony on the 21st. Pooh and I will be there to take the most amazing and beautiful pictures that we can! We are both so happy that we will be able to share in their celebration and be a part of such a significant moment. It is so beautiful to see another couple that share a love so strong and pure. Even though I have been with Pooh for 8 years now, I find it inspiring and am sure others do too. Love is indeed rare but not unattainable. Congrats guys!

We’ll also be treating this trip as a vacation. We’ll be departing San Diego on Thursday and will be returning Monday. We’ll have lots of time to enjoy ourselves while we’re in Florida. We’ll definitely have lots to blog about when we return!



One of my new watches. The case heads are interchangable. They’re fun and inexpensive!



Hmmm…pretty random, but I like the outfit I wore to work today. ;) Very Purple.

Sweater: H&M
Striped dress shirt: H&M
Tie: Ben Sherman
Slacks: Zara Man




The long awaited Chapter 2 has finally been posted! Don’t worry, it won’t take another eternity before I post the next chapter. I really wanted to get this out sooner but we had one crazy weekend! I already know what I want to write for chapter 2 so it’ll be coming in soon. I wish Flickr didn’t delete all my pics because it’d be so nice to be able to post older pictures to these chapters. I’ll try to dig some up in my hard drive for backup files and attach them to posted chapters. I’ll let you know if any images have been added to old chapters. :) If you haven’t had a chance to read Chapter 1, you can check it out here. :)




I was a pretty active student in High School. I was in several extra curricular activities, clubs, and organizations. Much like how I am now, I liked to keep busy. One of my favorite activities was being a member in our school’s “advanced” choir. I didn’t actually meet Pooh until the last semester in 12th grade. He had joined choir when he moved to San Diego from Japan. It’s unfortunate that he had to move to another school in the middle of his senior year. His dad was in the navy so he had to move around a lot. My dad was also in the navy so I had to move around a lot too. He looked very “thug” and unapproachable so I didn’t really make any attempts to get to know him. Plus, I was too preoccupied with relationship problems, partying every night, and ditching classes during the day.

Strangely, we went to prom in the same group of people and sat at the same table, but we didn’t even know each other at the time. It wasn’t until we had a choir performance at some random church that we ended up meeting each other. My mom was supposed to pick me up but ended up calling me to let me know that she couldn’t make it. I had to ask my friend Jazmine if she could give me a ride. She said she’d have to ask her friend since he was giving her a ride and they weren’t going home after the performance. She said she was taking her friend to his first rave. I happened to be a big raver head at the time so I was all for it! She ran over to this guy’s car and asked him if I could tag along. As she ran to the passenger side she yelled, “he said it’s OK, get in!” So I jumped in the back seat and took my backpack off. The guy driving turned to me and introduced himself. It was the bald thuggish guy that I never talked to before. Despite his tough exterior, he had a shy timid smile. He was adorable…er and kinda hot. I had (still have) a thing for bald guys. I really liked hanging out with him that night. Despite the rave being incredibly wack, we had a lot of fun! He was really cool, nice, and funny. I loved his personality and he was so easy to talk to.

Since he was the new kid in town I introduced him to all of my friends. We ended up hanging out a lot. I didn’t have a crush on him at the time because….well…he was straight. I knew my boundaries and knew not to fall for guys I’d never have a chance with. I did end up telling him that I was gay after having known him for like 2 or 3 days. I was only out to a couple of people. Just a cousin, who happened to be bi, and the guys that I happened to “fool around” with. After I told him that I was gay I ended up having the confidence to tell all my close friends. My best friend actually was pretty upset that I came out to this guy that I’ve only known a couple days before him.

Pooh and I were great friends. Even after we graduated from High School we still hung out. He actually was there for me through a couple bad breakups. When I first met him, I had just recently ended probably the longest most serious gay relationship I had before Pooh. He was always there to be a good friend and support me through those hard times. He took me out to get my mind off things. We’d just drive around and when he’d ask me where I’d like to go or what to do, I’d say “I dunno, lets have fun getting lost.” Of all the random things Pooh and I do nowadays, what I enjoy the most is just driving around with him – not having any place to go or knowing where we’re going. Just playing some music and driving.

There were a couple moments when I’d look at him and daydream a bit, but I’d snap myself out of it. We all have been there – the straight friend or classmate that you crush on and daydream about but know it’ll never happen. There were just so many qualities about him that made me think that he was an amazing person. I was actually there for him and his own relationships. I remember one day he and I were driving around and he said that he was going to meet some girl he met online. I was like, “are you sure it’s a girl?” He laughed and said “of course!” Naturally, he found himself a girlfriend. I saw how sweet he was and how good he treated her. He was definitely a guy you’d want to bring to your parents. I was always very happy for him because he was such a sweet guy and deserved someone to make him happy. Sometimes I wished it was me.

Missed the first Chapter? Read it here!
Continue to Chapter 3!



Just when we thought our crazy fun filled Halloween weekend had came to an end when we got to San Diego on Sunday….our buddy Flo told us he was coming down from LA to stay a couple days. Since Flo showed us an awesome time in LA, we thought we’d show Flo an awesome time in San Diego!


Then shots and dancing at Richs!

We had a blast! What a great end to a wonderful weekend!

Well….actually, just when we thought that the weekend was over…we just realized…it was only Sunday! Our days off are Sunday and Monday! It felt like a week has gone by since we’ve been doing so much this weekend!

So Monday night we went to Fiesta Cantina with Flo, Jo, and Aubrey :) We were still pretty tired from all the drinking and partying from Saturday and Sunday so we decided to just have a chill night and have a drink. “A drink” turned into “several drinks” but it was still fun hangin out with great friends!

Phew…ok…I think that is all the partying we could do for one weekend. We needed to rest our livers eventually. :)


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