8 Years :)



So this year flew by pretty quickly. For those of you that are new to my blog…Pooh and I have been together for 7 years now and will be celebrating our 8 year anniversary on HALLOWEEN (October 31st) – which happens to be my favorite holiday! We still aren’t sure what exactly we’ll be doing to celebrate but I’m very excited. We were thinking of going to West Hollywood to experience Halloween for the first time in We-Ho and actually dress up this year. Surprisingly, it’s been my favorite holiday forever and I’ve never dressed up for it (well, aside from when I was a little boy.) Hmm, costume ideas anyone? Please post a comment with costume ideas and feel free to share what you’ll be dressing up as.

Oh, and you’ll be happy to know that I’ve been working on the 2nd part of “Our Story” which I hope to release by the 31st. If you haven’t had the chance to read Part 1 of “Our Story”, you can read it HERE.

  • Johari
    October 5, 2009

    There’s the obvs Tigger & Pooh. Sexy Batman & Slutty Robin? I don’t know.

    I’ve always been a big fan of Halloween, but never really dug the costume thing.

  • Johari
    October 5, 2009

    There’s the obvs Tigger & Pooh. But I think a sexy Batman and slutty Robin would be awesome. I’d love to be able to pull this costume off one day:


    Some more inspiration:


  • Anonymous
    October 5, 2009

    i cant wait for the story….yum!!

  • Constantin
    October 5, 2009

    I think you could be disguised as a sexy youth, like the ones I saw in those mangas you once blogged about… You’d be wearing a sort of very modern urban outfit, with a kind of mad and funny hairdo… Or -more original – you could be a Great Philippin Imperator of the ancient Times, wearing a bright gilted sarong and a heavy majestic velvet cape, weird – but still refined and stylish – rustic sandals, made of interwoven flower stems, plants sticks and crippers strings. You would be holding in your right hand a very old sculpted silver spear (more like a scepter), with the blade and handle all incrusted with tiny rubies, emeralds saphires and mystical ideograms… Maybe with a slight touch of tribal make-up on the chin, cheeks and eyebrows, without even mentioning the whole set of blazing earings, necklaces and rings you would carry… On top of all that, you would of course speak for the occasion a intelligible beautiful middle-aged dialect (only understandable by Pooh, and Gizmo). And Pooh could be the other male Imperator in the area… I don’t know, maybe those two guys really existed in older times, and were like the first gay enlightened governors in SouthEast Asia (but I seriously doubt it). Well… Which makes a kind of a very difficult disguise to find though… :)

    As to me, I’d like to be disguised as Cleve Jones/ Emile Hirsch in Milk, which is a much cheaper and easier outfit to find!!! (blue jeans, a plain leather jacket, curly blond haircut, and ugly black spectacles)! But as noone ever dresses for Halloween in France, I guess that’s just wishful thinking!

    oh and by the way, happy 8 years anniversary! (really pretty picture you chose to show)

    Thanks you for reading!

  • iVANfromphi
    October 6, 2009

    why dont you try to dress up like freddy and jason?! the sexy version. .;)

    tigaah will be dressing up like freddy wearin a sexy fitting sando with red and orange stripes and for your trousers you should ne wearin a torn up black jeans. . .and fo tha accessories. . .for freddy’s trademark blade/knife/syringe on hands. . .uhm. . maybe you should look or make improvised metal thingys on it./ .. hehehe

    and pooh would be Jason. . .he’s goin to wear a sexy torn up jersey of a hockey player and sexy rugged short shorts. . .and a mask; hald bracked reveling his sexy soultry lips. . yum yum. .



  • anonymous
    October 8, 2009

    lol dress up as tigga and pooh bear :-)

  • anon
    October 9, 2009

    aww. c0ngrats pooh and tigguh! hope i have find someone who want to be like you both..! together for the rest of your lives!

    btw. you can dress like the studs your meant to be!

  • ivanfromphi
    October 26, 2009

    wish i could see yer old photos doing yer “thing”. . .
    please. .

  • misha
    October 31, 2009

    wow congrats… hope you have many more years to come.. na-miss ko tuloy babes ko.. i love you tiggah & pooh…

  • ahren89
    October 31, 2009

    nice photo…congrats!!