Pooh and I have been going to Saigon on Fifth a lot lately. I actually think their food is pretty good. The Pho portions are a lot smaller than the usual “Pho” stops, but the quality and taste definitely makes it worth the higher prices. I understand that some people that don’t believe in “high end” or “fancy” Pho may disagree, but I prefer quality over quantity. Don’t get me wrong, every now and then I do get in the mood for a big giant bowl of really bad for you pho, especially at a low price!

I also like that the wait staff is very friendly and would check on us every now and then, which you hardly ever get at a normal Pho place…and you don’t have the waiter talking on his bluetooth headset while he’s serving you either. If you’ve been following my Twitter then you know what I mean. :)



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5 Comments to “SAIGON ON FIFTH”

  1. letopho says:

    Vietnamese food for the WIN!

  2. candyman says:

    the 2nd pic reminds me of Lumpiang Sariwa”

  3. a little pooh says:

    I tried the restaurant too, but left after reading the menu – lassie was an entre =(.

  4. Brett says:

    I thought I was the only one that experienced that SPECIAL pho service of bluetooth and lack of checkups ha ha. Glad to know someone out there gets special treatment like I do. :P & I watched that doggy video below…. and you seriously watched that for the full duration? o_O

  5. Ashton says:

    Run dont walk from that place. Over the past 2 years 4 of my friends worked there and they talk like the kitchen is a disaster. The cooks smoke while cooking, and they hold paychecks sometimes up to two weeks. Plus the family that owns it are bad people

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