This Labor Day Weekend, Pooh and I participated in a Beerfest drinking competition. 16 four member teams all gathered together to face off in a battle of skill, wits, and ability to consume a LOT OF ALCOHOL!

There were a lot of games so it was kind of like the Beer Olympics:
Flip Cup – so fun!
Quarters – Lame…I am just glad that losing meant drinking.
Beer Bowl – 6 beers into 1 bowl…4 members must drink out of the bowl using a small ass straw. The first team to finish their bowl wins. We were the best team at sucking so of course…we won our round haha!
The Mexican – I was so drunk and had no idea how the game was played…I just knew not to take the dice from anyone.
Beer Pong – I don’t remember playing this game :P
and there were 2 others but by that time Pooh and I were way too drunk and hammered to continue.

Each team was SUPPOSED to come in costume matching their team name. Not everyone did. However, we had the most awesome costumes and the best team name! We were THE SCHOOLGIRLS. Our original plan was to come in looking like japanese school girls and boys…but our female friends couldn’t find any skirts that they liked. So we twisted it a little and came as little school kids. I had a Jonas Brothers backpack, Mario Bros hat, an Ernie doll, and a lunch box packed with awesome goodies! Pooh had a High School Musical backpack, a Cookie Monster hat, and a curious george doll. My other two friends were sportin Hanna Montana and Sponge Bob! We were definitely a fan favorite.

  • rcloy
    September 10, 2009

    You guys are so adorable! CUTE!! ^.^

  • ivanfromphi
    September 11, 2009

    cuteness. . .

  • keewee
    September 12, 2009

    you guys are like school boys … cute

  • Johari
    September 13, 2009

    You two are just too cute!