Pooh and I both currently have HTC G1 Android phones and cannot wait until the HTC Hero comes out.  The handset will be the first Android device with flash and multi-touch capabilities.  The HTC has a soft touch teflon coating to prevent damage and scratches (wuhoo!).  The phone appears to be light weight and UBER SEKSI!!!  It seems this phone is putting less emphasis on the “Google” aspect and more into user customization.  In my opinion, the G1 was definitely a hit with us technophiliacs because of its open source OS and strength; the HTC Hero will not only be for the gadget freaks but also for the mainstream user.  The Hero no longer has a slide out keyboard but the onscreen virtual keyboard looks pretty responsive.  I hardly use the onscreen keyboard on my G1 and much rather prefer the slide out because I like to type with my sense of touch.  I don’t know the release date yet but I’ve been reading late 2009.  Let’s hope soon! :)

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