I’ve recently discovered an app for my G1 that allows me to post directly to my blog from my phone. I was trying the post via email feature but WordPress’s email post function filters out all emails with HTML encoding. Since my G1 has no option to switch to plain text, my emails wouldn’t post to my blog properly. Anyway, if that makes any sense to you then you’ll understand how happy I am to have found something that will allow me to post with more ease. This is my first post using PostBot and the attached image is just a test image to see how it appears on my blog.


  • aNoNyMoUs
    May 12, 2009

    PostBot Fail. Hehe i can’t see the image. It’s just a text saying ‘thumbnail’. Hope you can find a workaround :D Gluck!

  • Tiggah
    May 12, 2009

    bleh, yea. Some reason the post won’t show my image. I’m not sure if it’s my blog’s settings or if it’s Postbot. I’m looking into WPTOGO which seems like a better app according to the reviews I’m seeing…but mine is stuck on the initial refreshing recent posts part…it just keeps going and going.