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  1. Francis says:


  2. maccallister says:

    oh my…its getting hot in her!only in this site that you get to see a very sexy filipino guy!i love your slender body and that “thing” between your legs just made me wanna cum!LOL

  3. maccallister says:

    im just wondering if you could make us a video being you naked hahaha wala lang just a thought!

  4. korkie says:

    can i know his number? type ko sia

  5. jason105 says:

    Thanks for adding these.
    When FLICKR closed your account it was a very sad day!
    You and the camera have a very good thing going on. The camera loves you and you bring something honest and seductive to your photos. You are especially magnetic when you look directly into the camera with a look that can mean so many things.
    Hope all is well with you and Pooh.
    all the best

  6. maverick says:

    your blog is my guilty pleasure *blushing*

  7. too handsome says:

    Your are one major porn star! You are starfire! Your photos deserve to be in my blog, too, heheheh…that if you’ll alllow

  8. too handsome says:

    hi tiggz, you are more famous than what you think…we are salivating here in the Philippines. id like to indulge with as much photos you can allow me to post…particularly these photos in here, and some random clothed ones…which i believe are much sexier and grrrr….yummy…and maybe, just wondrin if i could make a full-blast article, in series, hehehe about you and pooh (and how i wanted to steal either of you two… hehee joke!)…you can see how bland my blog with just stolen pictures (so id rather do some original stuffs by starting to really do some blogwriting…but of course, this isnt very urgent…and the least i want is to disturb you or get you compromised….mwah! i so love you!

  9. too handsome says:

    or maybe you can send me photos that you think best promote you and everything that you represent as a person…in a way, it would also improve the quality of the photo-posting if they came from original resolutions thanks

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