So last week I had to go to the DMV to renew my registration (Monday). Yes, I could have just renewed it online but I lost the letter from the DMV with the renewal code on it. Anyway, after about an hour of waiting for my number to be called I was able to pay for my registration. I thought I’d be able to just walk out with my new registration and sticker but the teller said that I could not receive my new registration until after I’ve provided a certificate showing that my vehicle passes a smog check. It would of been nice if they had put that on the letter that they sent me to renew my registration…but they didn’t, even though they normally do. He also said that my registration was currently suspended because they needed proof of insurance sent to them. Which I had sent to them the month before…3 times! Two times via fax, and another time through my insurance who then faxed to the DMV. So I left a bit frustrated by the situation.

That same day I faxed over my insurance information from work to the DMV from and had that bit taken care of. The fax came back so I called to verify that I had the right number. They said it was the right number but their lines are just busy so she gave me another number. I faxed 5 times just to make sure they received it. Guess what? Our fax machine printed 5 notices saying that the fax were not received. So I called the DMV who then said that I can send it via email. So I personally sent it via email and also contacted my insurance company to have them send it via fax and via email. Bleh.

Since I work Tuesdays through Saturdays, I had to wait until the next Monday to get my smog checked. Which also happens to be my only time I can get to the DMV while it’s open. So I got my smog checked on monday, received the certificate, and headed to the DMV. Huge line. Ugh. Finally I get called and I present my proof that my vehicle passed the smog test and they verified that my registration was no longer suspended. Just when I thought I’d be able to walk out with my registration…the teller says that I have an unpaid parking ticket that needs to be taken care of before I am able to renew my registration. The words “WHAT THE FUCK?!” reverberated in my mind. I had a parking ticket earlier in the year because Pooh had forgot to turn the wheels towards the curb when we parked on hill. We paid the ticket 2 weeks after receiving it and the funds were removed from our checking…so it shouldn’t still show in the system that I had a parking ticket. In order for me to remove the hold because of the ticket and finally renew my registration…I had to verify that I paid for my parking ticket and then come back to receive my registration. So I left without my registration even more frustrated than last time I left the DMV. It was much too late for me to come back and wait in line for another hour since I had other things to do so my registration would have to wait until next monday…this coming monday. I had the mess with the parking ticket taken care of. I am hoping the next time I go to the DMV to finally get my registration that I don’t get another surprise. Ugh…I very much dislike the DMV.

  • Jaymes in LA
    April 10, 2009

    So sorry you had to go through the DMV maze!! I had a similir experience last year when I went to renew my License. They certainly could be a little more helpful with the process!! Hope you get it all taken care of next visit!

  • Joey
    April 10, 2009

    that really sux big time… most government offices are the same… to much red tapes… incompetencies… and everything is blamed on the us… the end users.

  • biboyuno
    April 11, 2009

    we’re on the same page pooh. i almost punched the clerk of the DMV. he was so rude. damn DMV!

  • maccallister
    April 11, 2009

    haha it happend to me before some suprpised that got me so pissed!

  • Gregory
    April 11, 2009

    I feel like the only part of French Culture we’ve managed to bring to America is right there in the DMV.

    When my friend was in France, he actually experienced a Catch-22 regulation. To get a bank account, you need a visa. To get a student visa, you have to open a bank account – and remember to get the receipt. Or something like that.

  • Rei
    April 11, 2009

    Damn. Just reading about it made feel frustrated for you! I mean come on! At least they should have let you know about all clearances needed at the first visit. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that everything gets done and over with this coming Monday. Good Luck!
    …. By the way what’s a smog check? Us people in Hawaii don’t have that. ugh I’m so sheltered. >_<

  • Tonskie
    April 12, 2009

    feels like hell..
    the complexities of life nga naman..

    buti nasa pinas pa rin ako..
    but anyway, don’t get frustrated.. just slam off the hate, think of pooh, and it’ll get better.. :)

  • poster boy
    April 13, 2009

    may i have your email or ym? lets chat anytime this week. ok i’m excited na… hahaha


  • Tommy & Oliver
    April 13, 2009

    Wow a ticket for not turning your wheels. That would never happen here in Flat Florida!!!!

    Hope you get everything worked out. The same types of shit happened when Oliver and I were buying our house. Why don’t they tell you everything that is f’d up all at once.

    Have a good week.

  • IaN
    April 14, 2009

    talk about bad stuff..oh well hope all will be fine. i bet it’s even worse here in the phils. haven’t got a car though so i wouldn’t know yet.

    on a general note, wow, it’s been a while since i last visited your blog in blogspot. I was surprised it’s been redirected to your new blog :D good stuff though

    and oh, you and pooh surely look sweet. and you remind me of my sorta-ex, really haha

  • closet case
    April 17, 2009

    hello tiggah. was wondering if i could find out your real name (and pooh’s). only because in some social networking site i visit, i saw some of your pics under different names…