POOH took me to HARNEY SUSHI last night. It was the most incredible sushi I’ve ever had! Pooh has been planning on taking me there for a while now because I’ve never had it before. Pooh was able to try it with a friend a while back and has been raving about it ever since. We had a Bomb James Bomb, a Dank Roll, and a Spicy Tuna Roll (we were going to get Spicy Salmon but they ran out). The Bomb James Bomb was my favorite! It’s a tempura fried california roll with cream cheese, topped with spicy scallops in spicy mayo and eel sauce. It was incredible! The Dank Roll (the priciest of the specials) was delicious, but I thought that the Bomb James Bomb was by far one of the best rolls I’ve ever had. The flavors were bold and had a spicy kick, and the textures and crunch made the whole experience tastefully satisfying! Pooh’s been spoiling me lately. I love it! :) I definitely recommend trying it out if you ever have the chance to swing by Oceanside or San Diego. There is also a happy hour each night from 10pm-12am with some tasty apps, cheap yet huge and delicious rolls, and drinks galore.

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  • robbie
    March 18, 2009

    the dank rolls are, well…dank.

    there always seems to be a gang of tweakers whenever i go though…i suppose they add to the ambiance.