Street Fighter IV – PS3

Pooh and I just picked up our copy of Street Fighter IV today. Our preorder came with a free Ryu headband – awesome! Of course, I won’t ever wear it but it’s nice to know that my preorder came with something :) We didn’t get the collectors edition but now I am starting to wish that I did since I really love all of the Street Fighter games. My favorite is Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Pooh and I are playing it right now as I type and we’re getting our asses kicked by Sagat.

The game is extremely beautiful and the special moves are pretty nifty. I don’t really care much for the little anime cut scenes but I guess it’s good that there’s some kind of story line for each character. I haven’t been able to dabble with the multiplayer yet but we’ll get to it soon.

If any of you have a PS3, be sure to send me an invite and I’ll do my best to hand your ass to you on a silver platter :)

My PSN is tiggahtigz

  • Constantin
    February 19, 2009

    It’s gonna be released tomorrow in europe… I think Ryu is quite hot… maybe too muscular… When i was a kid dhalsim was my favourite, with all his schwingumlimbs… I remember he could also spit fire (what’s the engliseh word for it? A firespitter?

  • Constantin
    February 19, 2009

    {the right word for it was fire-eater, sorry :l }

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