Hair or No Hair?

I’m beginning to miss how low-maintenance being bald was. Pooh isn’t much help because when I ask him he says he likes it both ways. It’s not something I’m going to stress myself out over but I’m curious to know what my readers think.

What do you guys think? Hair…or No Hair?


No Hair…


No Hair…

With Hair?

Without? :)

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63 Comments to “Hair or No Hair?”

  1. Anonymous says: shave your hair but you also have to shave your bush!!!!aint that HAWT!!!!! *shucks* i already have a hard-on thinking about you doing it..sorry pooh, but the again, you lucky pooh!!!

    p.s. tigz, when are we gonna read the next chapter of your love story…

    Go Go Go!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    no hair.. more sex appeal…. with hair makes sex a little more kinky coz of all the pulling.. hmmmm…

    your choice… be a hot looker.. but since you do have Pooh with you, with hair is better coz you need actions now haha

  3. Jack says:

    i like when u r half bald.. so cute :)

  4. Constantin says:

    You look prettier with hair

  5. Paulo says:

    hair :)

  6. swwr says:

    i think you’re hot with hair!

  7. Anonymous says:

    With hair. There’s something about our ethic race that makes us look like FOBs without hair. Beside you have great hair

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tiggah; Keep the hair. It goes better with Gizmo (and Pooh). It “softens” your look. I really love your blog. Thank you for keeping us updated on your life.

  9. Anonymous says:

    With hair is way better

  10. Anonymous says:

    hair, definitely!

  11. Anonymous says:

    no hair as unpopular as it is

  12. T.No says:

    You look great and totally f*ckable either with hair or without hair. If you weren’t taken right now, I’d be all up in that, tearin it up already, doggy style! >_<

  13. JCboi says:

    Hair and No Hair with you is both okay. :-)

    But I prefer your do on your blog header.

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