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14 Comments to “Photoset: Couch”

  1. j.cob says:

    so cute. :-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    i wish you the best of 2009!:) Perfect Couple.

  3. call.the.shots says:

    damn tiggah. i envy u and ur pooh. very cute.

  4. Ambo says:

    Have a wonderful New Year!!!!
    GOD bless both of you..

    im just wondering what’s the brand of the camera?

    Thanks a lot.

  5. alvin says:

    WOW! these shots are awesome!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah dude! What kind of camera do you guys have?

  7. keewhee says:

    pictures are very nice. what camera do you use?

  8. j3d says:

    love the last pic

  9. morrowad says:

    These shots are so emotionally provocative. It’s nice to see a gay couple in such a healthy and loving relationship. I LOVE your blog and check it daily. Keep up the good work!

  10. Blue says:

    you guys are hot! i wanna join you someday. :)

  11. Hazen says:

    Hey guys.

    Your photos are beautiful.

    Maybe you guys might want to smile a bit more. You are both very photogenic and the use of smiles, with a monochrome background might be a really, really neat contrast.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Love your pictures tiggah!

  13. Ekkonen says:

    so hot! ^__^

  14. letopho says:

    love it.

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