Overtime…overload & Xmas list!

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I was thinking that since I have my G1 that I would be able to post more but I guess the G1’s camera is lacking the image quality that I want on my blog. Aside from my camera issues, the company I work for is now in holiday overtime hours mode. I’m working 6 days a week until Christmas and I’m working 9.5 hours each day…ugh.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their holiday season so far. Can you believe that The year is almost over?! It definitely flew by!

Anyway, running off on a tangent…I think I know what I want for X-mas! I haven’t given Pooh any hints but I guess this will probably make it easier for him :)

#1 on my list is an Acoustic Guitar.
#2 on my list is a bottle of Dolce & Gabbana Cologne (in the dark blue box)…but then again, I might be picking it up myself this week anyway haha.
#3 on my list is Rockband 2 for PS3
#4 on my list is this awesome Ben Sherman Jacket I saw at Macy’s a couple weeks ago
#5 would be that jacket from Urban Outfitters I blogged about a while back
#6 would be SHOES!!!

Gift or no gift I’m thankful for what I have. I feel very blessed to be where I am right now and I can honestly say that I am happy.

Just for fun, do you have anything special on your wish list?