Crash Bang Boom!

My sister and I went to visit our parents in Temecula on Sunday. I fell asleep along the way since I was pretty hung over. My sleep was violently disrupted when the sound of crashing metal and my sister’s paniced voice woke me. As I was jolted forward, my eyes opened and the first thing I saw was what appeared to be shattered glass flying in the air from behind me. I as I slammed back into my seat, I had a quick glance at the stop light. I quickly realized that we were stopped at a red light and have just been rear ended. I was somewhat relieved when what had looked like glass hit the dashboard turned out to be tiny fragrance beads that my sister keeps in her car as an air freshner. My relief, unfortunately, was cut short and my anxiety quickly hit full force. With ultra fast ninja-like reflexes my sister grabbed her phone to call her boyfriend to have him drive from San Diego to Temecula. My heart was racing and my chest was pounding, yet part of me felt like I was still asleep.

I jumped out of my sister’s truck to see who had hit us and if they were ok. A silver Honda was behind our car with it’s entire front end smashed in. I saw the driver, a woman, frantically guesturing me to move our vehicle to the side of the road. After we moved our cars I approached her vehicle to ask her if she was ok. She was looking at me with with a weird look on her face and her cell phone held to her ear. She said she was ok and she asked me if we were ok. I couldn’t help but notice a bottle of Grey Goose in the passenger seat.

A man pulled over to assist us. It turns out he was an off duty CHP officer. A few moments later an off duty EMT pulled over to help as well. The off duty officer made the woman exit her vehicle. It was clear she was extremely intoxicated when she stumbled around and rolled onto the floor. She was on her phone the whole time frantically trying to get her mother to get there. When she got off her phone she pulled down her pants and took a piss on the side of the road. That image, unfortunately, will be forever imprinted in my head. Uck.

Moments later, 3 motorcycle cops, 2 cop cars, a firetruck, a tow truck, and an ambulance arrives. They took the drunk driver in the ambulance and the officer that took our report went with her so he can arrest her as soon as she recovers.

My sister and I had no serious injuries that needed immediate attention, but accidents like these usually are followed by pain within the next couple days. This will be the second time that I was asleep and awaken by getting rear ended. The other time Pooh and I were stopped in traffic on the freeeway and got rear ended by some guy who was high off his ass. We were struck so hard that we were pushed into the car in front of us. It was extremely scary to wake up and be in that situation. I believe most of my high anxiety is because of this. My sister’s bumper needed to be removed in order to be able to drive her truck. It’s drivable but the entire backside is all banged up and the alignment is messed up as well.

After all the chaos, we headed to my parents house. My sister’s boyfiend arrived shortly after. My parents greeted us with hugs and kisses. They were extremely worried about what had happened. My mom was sad and blamed herself, saying that if she hadn’t of asked us to come we wouldn’t of gotten into the accident. I comforted her and said that everything happens for a reason. This helps us realize how precious the time we spend here is and that we need to spend as much time with the ones we love as we can. This all definitely brought us closer together. Despite having been through a scary accident, celebrating the holiday with my family was truly special.

What a great start to our Xmas break. Random. Pooh and I are off until the 2nd. I hope you are all doing well. Have a great new year!

  • dannie
    December 31, 2008

    ah…that musta been scary. good thing no one was hurt.

  • Ande "ahnday"
    December 31, 2008

    good thing you are okay..well just wishing you both a happy new year!

    hau’oli maka hiki hou…

    it means happy new year in hawaiian, David and I have been hearing that alot…

    anyways have a great 2009

  • Ekkonen
    December 31, 2008

    >< i want to celebrate holidays with family too. ill do that next year… i hope u have an awesome new year!

  • Josh
    December 31, 2008

    Happy New Year!

    At least you were healthy enough to eat right? So I bet you were good.

    I hope this year you can tell us even more about your story of the beginnings of Tiggah & Pooh.

  • Anonymous
    January 1, 2009

    thank god ur okay. thats pretty scary stuff, good thing she wasnt speeding or something like that..

  • Anonymous
    January 1, 2009

    you are right. you guys were there for a reason…to stop the girl from hurting someone else (at a much higher speed). she could have done a lot more harm to some other people…if not herself. glad to hear that you and your sister are safe.

  • Hazen
    January 1, 2009

    Very interesting perception of what happened. You are way wise beyond your years.

  • infatuatedflip
    January 1, 2009

    I had that same thing happen to me, but the guy drove off so we couldnt get any information on who it was that rear ended my car. well its good that both you and your sister are fine. Happy New Year.

  • j3d
    January 2, 2009

    oh my. scary. thank goodness, there were no major injuries. i hope you are still okay.

    what a way to welcome the new year. happy 2009!