Mojos at StarBar

Pooh and I went to Starbar with some friends to pound down some drinks Sunday night. I made everyone try a Mojo. It wasn’t too big of a hit with everyone since it’s a pretty crazy strong drink…but I love it anyway! I was craving it for a while so it was nice to have one, or two. I was telling a friend that I’ve been craving it for a while and the bartender looked at me, smiled, and said “you must have some issues if you’ve been craving it.” LOL. It’s pretty much a hangover in a glass.

We had a lot of fun that night. After Starbar we headed over to Rich’s. As we walked towards Rich’s we ran into some friends that convinced us to party at Flicks. It was Karaoke night. Of course, I would never Karaoke…but we did play pool. After we played pool we headed over to our place to play Rock Band. We played till 4am! – View Image – Tagged Photos – Photo 1 of 8 – View Image – Tagged Photos – Photo 2 of 8 – View Image – Tagged Photos – Photo 3 of 8

  • call.the.shots
    November 19, 2008

    lol @ playing rockband until 4am. it seems like u and ur boo always find ways to have fun. non-stop fun.

  • Hazen
    November 19, 2008

    yep, it is time for a Pinoy version of The Broken Hearts Club. Tiggs, pitch it to one of the cable networks or just try writing it as a short story. It can be about your life. Your BFF story as well as the Tribal story are great sub plots.