Little Big Planet!

I am totally addicted to Little Big Planet for the PS3! So much that it’s been taking from my going out to drink time as well as my blogging time. I guess I’ve gotta find a balance. Does anyone else have LBP? Add me up! My psn is tiggahtigz.

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5 Comments to “Little Big Planet!”

  1. Tommy and Oliver says:

    We just got LBP and have been playing it for about 3 hours now. Our name is BLKNTAN.

  2. alban says:

    video games are just so fucking childish… How can anyone enjoy these things past fifteen I wonder…

  3. tiggahtigz says:

    I find that video games are just a nice escape from real world. Besides, we’re all kids at heart :) I know the kid in me comes out all the time!

  4. Matthew Andrew says:

    its a simple yet addicting game.

    haha. i cant believe it was delayed for a week.
    and delayed for 3 weeks outside north america. =P

  5. alban says:

    Well you’re right, video games are great sometimes, very funny also. (in fact I just realized rereading it that my commentary was kind of nasty… sorry). But I truly think that I were a kid (or if I had a kid someday) I’d be more interested in drawing fantastic pictures all the time – like those new chinese dinosaurs for instance, with strange bird beaks, shiny turquoise scales and peacock feathers, or drawing different human faces, or colorful sceneries with gigantic and sultry plants, with rocks and hills and other stuff all around- than playing video games. They are in a way really uncreative when you think of it, but there’s a great illusion of creation in it (and surely that’s what so powerful in them). Well my younger brother knows all this better than I do, maybe he’s heard about LBP in a french magazine. Thanks for the post anyway :)

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