Huge Flickr Upload!

I’ve just posted 200+ new photos to my flickr page. They’ve been divided into 2 sets: Weekend In Da Bay! & Weekend in LA!.

I’ve posted some highlights from our LA trip below :)
(not in chronological order)

Rage with Floro, Joana, and Ronolo. Hmm…Where’d Jo and Ronolo go?

Drunk time at The Abbey in West Hollywood

Lol…drunk times after the Abbey…

Dinner at Furaibo! Yummy Japanese Food!!! I love Japanese restaurants that have floor seating.

First time having Peruvian food at Marios. Explosive flavors! I can’t wait to have it again.

Shopping at Americana and the Glendale Galleria…LOVED IT!!!

Got wasted at The Arena…Unfortunately, I didn’t have such a great night.

Despite having a horrible night at The Arena, it was still an awesome weekend. It was definitely a much needed mini vacation. One of these days I’m going to request a full week vacation or something.