New Kicks!

It’s been a while since Pooh and I went shopping so we decided to look around and see if there was anything that would catch our eye. I was extremely excited when I saw these awesome Adidas!

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7 Comments to “New Kicks!”

  1. Matthew Andrew Aguirre Nagtalon says:


    they look really pretty.

  2. Allen says:

    0_0 I’m jelous now LOL!

    Where do you buy your shoes?

  3. RooRooPants says:

    Those are some cute addidas.

  4. ArchieMD says:

    nice pair!

    I really like your blog. I’d link you up.


  5. naSrOuL says:


    I come across ur blog…wow, it’s like a love at 1st sight…I like ur new kicks…

  6. osshiengirl83 says:

    wow!!!!it so cool man…ah i want one too!!!it that the only color available???

  7. WikiPika says:

    LOVE IT!Didn’t thik adidas would make this kind of design

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