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Pooh and I were driving down 5th avenue one day and we saw a store that caught our eye. The window front had a bunch of round colorful stickers with MKV on them. There were rainbow flags all over the roof of the building so we figured it was some kind of gay establishment. What really caught our attention was the really awesome graffiti and artwork on the walls. We didn’t know what kind of business the place was but it really peaked our curiosity. Unfortunately, we didn’t stop by since we were meeting friends.

Pooh and I randomly decided to check the place out this past weekend. To our surprise it was a porn store. It was quite a pleasant surprise. We were greeted by a very friendly guy (I think he was the owner) that informed us about different sections of the store and what they carried. The layout of the store was pretty nice. The interior was hip and welcoming. There are currently 2 floors. The third floor will soon be available for “classes” and “workshops”.

…Pretty interesting.

Pooh and I didn’t buy anything but we joined their mailing list. The guy working there made it a very enjoyable experience. He was very funny and definitely added charm to the place. I think we’ll be buying our “essentials” at MKV. :)

I tried to see if there were images of the store but all I could find was their website. Mankind Video The website doesn’t look anything like the inside of the store. If you’re ever in the area and find yourself in a “curious” mood, stop by Mankind Video. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    it looks like the picture is result after you visit the store?

  2. rusty says:

    I love that pic of yours, Tiggah!!! So steaming hot!!!!

  3. Daiichi-kun says:

    Excuse me, Can I ask you something?

    What is your nationality and What is your real name?

  4. Hazen says:


    Just when I think there could not be an more attractive and erotic photo of you, you post one.

    You are as beautiful as a work of art.

    Thanks for sharing


  5. Anonymous says:

    Amazing pic!You are so incredibly generous. Not only do you share your thoughts and daily life, you have also decided to share your body with your readers. Thank you! You must be a caring, compassionate person to be able to give yourself like that to the world.

  6. edward says:

    Ang sarap mo! You are beautiful! Pinagjakulan ko to! sensya ha tau lang!

  7. Anonymous says:

    nice pic… like it very much

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  9. bangalore_gay_30 says:

    A Perfect Curve, suitable cock, clean cock head, and your lips ;)

  10. wonderwhoman says:

    hi tigz! one of your great shots so far! yeah…ur lips is simply irresistible…mwah!

  11. CamPK says:

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  12. Adit Iezwan says:

    so hot and beautiful body u have….

  13. BEAUTY says:

    terribly astounding! i now love u…lemme sit ova ther sometime lol!

  14. mao says:


  15. jeff says:

    nice pic

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