Fun at Universal!

A couple nights ago Pooh and I went out with some friends to Universal in Hillcrest. I’ve had mixed feelings about the place before; mainly because I’m not into fancy clubs when it comes to going out to get drunk and have fun. We actually had a LOT of fun. It really is true – it doesn’t matter where you are, it’s who you’re with. Good friends makes for a good time! Well…actually, being really intoxicated helps too.

Yes, we were all very crazy drunk.

The DJ was extremely hot!

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4 Comments to “Fun at Universal!”

  1. ArchieMD says:

    being with friends is the best way to enjoy a parteee!

  2. misha says:

    i think, happiness depends on you.. because its a choice, either you be happy or not.. but having the best of friends around really helps a lot..

    anyways, i hope i would be able to have a chat with you…

  3. freshmess says:

    loved the tongue action. wish pooh was flicking yours instead. :p

  4. rcloy says:

    pooh = hot

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