Brunch at The Mission

Pooh and I had ourselves a wonderful brunch at The Mission in North Park. It’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed a meal at The Mission. We almost forgot how HUGE the portions were. The wait staff is very friendly and the menu has quite a large selection of “breakfast” choices. Pooh had the blackberry banana pancakes with a Mission Mimosa and I had their Mission French Toast and a Mission Mocha Thai (It’s their special mocha blend sweetened with condensed milk).

Everything was DELICIOUS! I love sweet breakfasts. It’s like having dessert first thing in the morning!

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4 Comments to “Brunch at The Mission”

  1. daemon says:

    food trip…



  2. wonderwhoman says:

    so jelly me! u & pooh could eat a lot and yet u both maintain that “to die for” bodies…bon appetite anyway!

  3. dazedblu* says:

    Nice, it really compliments the werd YUMMY!

  4. Myk2ts says:

    hi there. you got tagged. try to visit my blog if you have time. tenchu (thanks)

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