Pooh’s Bday!

Yesterday (May 14th) was Pooh’s Bday! We had dinner at Todai’s then headed home for cake and shots. :) It was a nice intimate low-key celebration.

We had a big surprise party for him last Saturday. It was a huge birthday celebration! I couldn’t believe how we could fit everyone at our place. It was awesome! Unfortunately, we were both pretty intoxicated so I wasn’t able to take that many pictures.

Here are some pictures from last night though…

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13 Comments to “Pooh’s Bday!”

  1. Kenneth says:

    He he … looks like you guys had a blast!

    HAPPY BELATED Burpday Mr. Pooh! :) ha ha … :)

    Hope you had a great one!

  2. ++ wLaUw ++ says:

    happy b’day to ur pooh, tiggaz. nice blog anyway :D

  3. Ernesto says:

    Happy bday Pooh!!!

  4. sonaicef says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Pooh!

  5. daemon says:

    Send my warmest birthday greetings to your pooh tigz…

    cheers * toasts * heres to more birthdays…

    and happy moments for you guys…

  6. Kai Santorino says:

    happy birthday Pooh!

  7. mygreenboi says:

    happy birthday to pooh! looked like you guys had a lot of fun. (“,)

  8. Kimoochii says:

    I hope you gave Pooh his favorite, big “O” for his B’day. By the way, I tried the cereal you said was the best; I recommend you try Kelloggs Lowfat Granola. It’s yummy.

  9. keewhee says:

    happy birthday pooh …

    so what presents did you shower on him? one of them should be a birthday suit :P

  10. Rain says:

    happy birthday pooh…belated that is…..muaks!!!

  11. SilentWords says:

    late greets to your significant other.
    Kinda cute the way he’s asleep and holding onto a bottle of liquor and one of his presents.

  12. yue770 says:

    HAPPY B-DAY POOH!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    it’s been a long time.. but anyway… happy birthday to your beau… :-)

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