Just a Post :)

Hmm. Well, I felt like posting a new post…and so I did. :)

Pooh and I went to Artwalk in Little Italy with Tribal today. We didn’t stay too long because we wanted to spend the day swimming at Tribal’s place. It is extremely hot and humid in San Diego right now. I’m not very fond of hot weather. I’m more of a winter guy. :)

Last night we had some friends over for some drinks. We were planning on going out but we ended up just having fun at our place. Afterwards we had some late night mexican food from Lalo’s. MMmmmmMmmMmmm…

All this humidity is making my allergies act up. Pooh and I don’t have an air conditioning in our apartment so it gets pretty hot in our place. We make do by walking around the house with very little on. Sitting naked in front of the fan helps too. :)

How do you usually deal with the heat?

(Tigguhh’s been out n about since it’s been really hot lately…I’ve uploaded some images to my Flickr Page. It looks like I need to start hitting the gym to work on getting that “summer body”! I’m getting a bigger belly from drinking and eating out late every night haha.)

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6 Comments to “Just a Post :)”

  1. Kimoochii says:

    Oooh…that rosebud pic was way hot. I know you didn’t let that go to waste. What happened next? Did Pooh take care of business? I would. I know there are more pics. Where did you hide them?
    Do you play the guitar?[behind your right arm, in photo]
    I’ve got a special Japanese forcep we can use to open up that rosebud, and see inside. That way, my tongue can reach your P-spot (the male G-spot).

  2. mrs.j says:

    i so envy u and ur pooh.. tc

  3. benjaminB says:

    you have such a great life. you and pooh are so damn cute. nice pics! keep it up. i see your friend rosie o’donnel still has that pouting lips pose going on. she never fails to ruin the picture. hehehe. peace.

  4. flirtysaint says:

    nice site!
    good read to me! cheers to life =)

  5. Ayan says:

    how are you? i miss checking your blog. been busy lately.

  6. Jose Pedras says:

    sooo hot

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