Pooh and Tribal went to the beach yesterday. I opted to stay home to clean the house and relax a bit. Afterwards…I got pretty bored. Lol. I thought I’d take some pictures of our room since we’ve painted it and I haven’t posted it yet. There are some sheets from West Elm that I really want to get when summer comes around. It’ll be very refreshing! After taking random pics of our room I spent the rest of the day playing video games. :) Later, we all headed to Tribal’s apartment complex and relaxed in the jaccuzi. It was very relaxing!

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9 Comments to “Bedroom”

  1. Clark Can't says:

    Very nice bedroom, Tiggah! Very zen. I can stay in that bedroom for 1 whole day reading books, surfing the net or have 5 rounds of hot sex. Haha. =)

  2. Pinoy Gay Guy says:

    Nice room! Very relaxing and I love the color of your wall. Is it olive green?

  3. simplEz says:

    I like your bedroom…would be even better if I can stay over =D

  4. Jonathan says:

    Seriously.. that’s ur room? Wow.. I am so jealous. U hv to teach me how to make a room looking this good.

  5. freshmess says:

    nice wall color, very easy on the eyes.

  6. Luaq Ezplanade says:

    Hi~! its nice room…and the interior design too..relaxing and cool tho

  7. Jettstar says:

    love what u did with your room… very calming colours…

  8. Kai Santorino says:

    fabulous indeed!

  9. Sh@ney says:

    It is gorgeous..I love the colours and the bed is so cooool!…Makes me wanna jump on it…hehe

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