Beautiful Weather Weekend!

Pooh and I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend! We had the most perfect weather to relax and unwind. Yesterday we enjoyed some drinks and food at Tribal’s mom’s house in Oceanside. We played, we swam, we laid in the sun, we took a dip in the Jacuzzi, we ate and ate and ate…It was a perfect day and very well spent.

Today, Pooh and I decided to take advantage of our beautiful San Diego weather by walking around Hillcrest. We first headed to Whole Foods to get some breakfast. I had Creme Brulee French Toast, some eggs, rosemary potatoes, and some slices of bacon. It was yummy!

We then headed over to Starbucks for a nice tall refreshing iced coffee. We hung out for a while and then made our way to the nearby pet store to admire the puppies! Pooh and I really really want one but unfortunately our property does not allow pets. :( We usually visit the puppies to cheer ourselves up but we always end up leaving sad and depressed because we want to take one home.

We went home to prepare our taxes and sent them out…yes, the fruits of procrastination are often bitter…but at least we finally got them done. :) I’m looking forward to our returns…wuhoo!

After mailing out our forms, we headed to West Elm to get some spring time slash pre-summer ideas. I want to get some new sheets since it’s getting warmer and I also want to get a new couch and seating for the living room. I promised myself I wouldn’t get anything since we’ve been on save mode. I was a good boy today. :) We also gave Crate & Barrel a visit since we were in the area. It was a nice day to walk around the mall so we did some window shopping as well. Fortunately for us I didn’t see anything that interested me.

We had sushi for lunch at Ichiban. We had a Shrimp Roll, Spicy California Roll, Philadelphia Roll, and Crunchy Roll. It was simply scrumptulescent!!! It was perfect for a hot day like today! I was stuffed :)

After lunch we headed home, hopped in our car, and ran some errands – a trip to Fry’s Electronics, Ralph’s for some laundry detergent, the bank for a deposit and a roll of quarters, and Ace Hardware for some home improvement.

It seems like we had a really really long day, but the day isn’t over yet. Pooh and I still have the rest of the night. We’ll be having dinner with Tribal and I have no idea what kind of shenanigans we’ll be getting into!

(Pooh has some pictures from yesterday on his phone. I’ll post them on this post soon)

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7 Comments to “Beautiful Weather Weekend!”

  1. Rexler says:

    Hey, Tigz!

    It seems that you guys are so fond of eating (same here). I just love it that even the most routine of meals, breakfast, you manage to write about like it was a major event, complete with pictures. Again, love it.

    You guys seem to eat a lot of carbs and yet they never appear on your bodies; how do you keep the weight off? I would sell my mom’s antique Tupperware collection against her will if I could only have your metabolism! I hate you!

    Nah, I love ya. Been an avid fan of your blog for a year now.

    Keep it up, good luck, hugs and kisses from the other side of the globe (the Philippines.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looking at the sushi made me really hungry. :0)

  3. Kai Santorino says:

    yeah i have the same question… the carbs thing

  4. Anonymous says:

    hi tigz and pooh too… i miss you guys, am not into blogging as of the moment… been super busy with work and life and everything around me…

    hope you guys are doin fine =) well you are.

    anyhoo, take care!


  5. Anonymous says:

    I’d sure like to give that toe a little nibble and see where it leads.

  6. jed tan saluib says:

    i love you two!

  7. Jimmy says:

    i hate the fact that you have a west elm so close and easily accessible. my nearest one is in santa monica 3rd street. bleh.

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