Thanks Guys :)

I’m very happy to see all of the great comments everyone has posted in my previous post. Don’t worry guys, we’re not destitute and so donations, although very much appreciated, are not necessary. Thank you very much for the kind offers but Pooh and I are doing just fine. I’ve been stressed lately, commissions have been little to none, and things have been tight but we’ve been doing a good job at budgeting. We haven’t been eating out as much and we’ve been cutting down on our consumption of alcohol.

I’ll keep in mind everyone’s suggestions and think wisely about what I’ll do. I don’t want my blog to be full of advertisements so that would most likely not be an option. I also don’t want to make my blog a pay-site. The whole reason why I wanted to start this blog is to share my life and relationship with everyone. I want my blog to be accessible by everyone. A member’s section for “extras or downloads” does sound like a good idea though. As for porn, Pooh and I both have thought about it before so for those of you that are worried about what Pooh might think and that our relationship might be tested, there is nothing to worry about. Our relationship is built on trust. Like one of my readers commented – it’s a job…I’d be Tigguhh doing his thing and playing a role, but at the end of the day I’d be Tiggah coming home to the one I love. Or maybe we’d just do porn together…lol. Anyway, don’t worry, I doubt I’d do porn because I don’t think I have the guts to do it haha. I still have a lot of thinking to do.

::changes subject::

Pooh had a genius idea for dinner tonight. We picked up some pre-marinated meats at Zion Market in Clairemont and threw it on our grill. Pooh called it having dinner Yakiniku-style. It was very yummy! We had Korean Beef Bulgogi, Shortribs, and chicken. Afterwards, we had some wine we had picked up at Bevmo during their 5 Cents Sale. We also played Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii.

Lol…my sister called me today saying that a friend of hers heard that there’s a naked picture of me on a website somewhere. I was like…”uh…and?” :)