Sunday Recap :)


This past Sunday was pretty fun. I assisted Pooh with a photoshoot. He was doing group photos and headshots for a local hip-hop dance team. The photos he took looked amazing. He’s really got a good eye. For those of you that haven’t been following my blog that long, Pooh is a graphic designer and a photographer. One of these days we hope to make a good living with Pooh’s photography and my art. Maybe if we do some weddings I’d be an assistant photographer. The only setbacks are that Pooh hasn’t really promoted enough to book consistent jobs and I’ve been too busy and too lazy to paint. Pooh has been expanding his portfolio and is thinking of booking more gigs. He’ll be launching his new website soon.

After the shoot, we decided to stuff our faces at burger lounge. This time, I just had to try their dessert. There was a tray full of “hostess style” cupcakes with espresso vanilla bean cream filling taunting me from the counter so I ordered one. It was incredible!

For dinner, we went to Ichiban On The Rocks. My most favorite item on their menu is their Tuna Carpaccio. I love it! Unfortunately, it’s just an appetizer but I think it’d be awesome if they can make an entree version. I was quite pleased with my main entree though.

  • JOSH
    March 5, 2008

    photography and painting. wow. i think both of u should have a joint art Xhbit of ur works! now dat will be thrilling 2 C! coo!

  • Kai Santorino
    March 16, 2008

    nice.. he looks hot there