Lunch at Urban Mo’s

Pooh and I had lunch at Urban Mo’s today. It was pretty packed so we had to wait for a table to free up. We decided to kill the time by downing some drinks. It felt pretty weird getting wasted at 2pm, but it was a nice hot sunny day and an ice cold alcoholic beverage sounded really good. Well, several ice cold alcoholic beverages sounded really good. :)

I had a veggie burger with a side of fries and Pooh had a turkey burger with bacon and avocado. I almost forgot how much I love Urban Mo’s Veggie Burger. It’s by far the best I’ve ever had…especially since you can “build your own”.

Afterwards, we decided to enjoy the rest of the day by walking around Hillcrest. After I got tired of walking, we ended up running some errands and stopped by the Mall. We also tried to get Super Smash Brothers for our Wii but we didn’t reserve a copy. All of the 7 GameStops that we visited wouldn’t let us buy it without a reservation. Boo!