Flickr Mail and Email

My inbox has recently been pretty stuffed and full of requests to add me as a contact/friend.  Not to sound all like I’m Mr Popular or anything.  My blog just seems to have attracted quite a following.  :) 

I usually do my best to add everyone that adds me as a contact as a friend, and I always try to reply whenever I get a message.  Unfortunately, I just haven’t gotten around to adding everyone and sending replies lately.  Don’t worry though; I’ll get to it eventually.  I appreciate your patience :)

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6 Comments to “Flickr Mail and Email”

  1. keewhee says:

    you looked relaxed and sexy in this blue shirt pic.

    very nice. maybe you should consider not gelling your hair so much – go for the natural flow.

  2. tiggahtigz says:

    thanks keewhee. Actually, it’s a recycled pic. It’s pretty old and my hair no longer looks like that. I just picked a random image to attach to my post.

  3. Night Tale says:

    OMG……….. U are so cute!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Look you’re even popular on foreign sites :p

  5. Boyd says:

    i like this pic :)

  6. Moralia says:

    luv this pic! simple and sexy. :D

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