Drunken Nights Recap Pt. 2

Thursday night Pooh and I went to Numbers with some friends. Afterwards, we went to Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant to pig out. It was kind of random actually.

Pooh was all over the place that night. He’s been having this sudden burst of uninhibitedness. We’ve been so busy with work (sometimes it seems like all we do is work) that he just wants to have fun and go wild. I think all this working has made me a bit boring.

It was really tough waking up for work the next day. I only had 3 hours sleep since we got home so late. Heh…all this late night partying is starting to take a toll. I don’t get how Lohen can do it every night. She’s hardcore! :)

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2 Comments to “Drunken Nights Recap Pt. 2”

  1. Night Tale says:

    New update finally!!

    You are so cute……….

  2. Anonymous says:

    who’s the cutie on top of pooh with the bald head and green jacket?

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