This weekend Pooh Tribal and I felt like being adventurous by trying something new.

We had Brunch in Coronado at Cafe 1134.

Everything was tasty! I really liked it. I guess my only complaint would be that the service was very slow. We were starving since we were having a late brunch. We waited…

and waited…

and waited…

poor Tribal’s tummy was rumbling!

We passed the time with eachothers’ company. We had a grand ol’ time!

And finally it arrived!!!

I had Belgian Waffles…it was soooo good! But since I was hungry…it didn’t quite satisfy my hunger. So I had to mooch off of Tribal and Pooh’s plates.

Afterwards, we had dessert in Little Italy at Zucchero’s.

I loved their Canolli! Yummo!

We lounged around for a while…

For dinner, we went to The Tractor Room in Hillcrest. I had their Chipotle Tomatoe Baby Back Ribs. It was very exotic and tasted delicious! The meal came with the most awesome cornbread I’ve ever had!!! It was amazing! I would go there just for the cornbread!

Pooh had their Lamb Burger. The menu was very different and a bit pricy…but worth checking out if you feel like being adventurous and trying something new. The place uses exotic meats and seasonings. Servings are hefty and meals are heavy. You’ll definitely feel stuffed afterwards. I really really liked it!

Tribal had a Glazed Salmon with a side of Au Gratin Potatoes which were OMG amazing!!!! I think the place is perfect for going to the bar and having a few appetizers. If you’re really into meat, no pun intended :), and you’re in San Diego…I’d recommend The Tractor Room for some good eats!

The following morning we had breakfast at Parkhouse Eatery. Yum Yum! I decided to try their Pan Fried Linguini. I loved the plating but unfortunately, I wasn’t too thrilled by it =X. So Tribal and I traded. He had their Blackened Chicken Burrito which was sooooooooooooooo good. It all worked out in the end! :)

  • daemon
    February 15, 2008

    hmmm food-trip…

    damn how do you guys find the space to fit all of those in you…

    hahaha =)

    ehrm… i guess its all thanks to genes and fast metabolism…

  • Ernesto
    February 16, 2008

    Miss you Tiggah and Pooh…