Where’s Tigguhh???

Some of you have been asking me “where’s tigguhh?!” Well, I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been having some insecurity issues lately. I can’t help but feel…ugly. I guess right now Tigguhh hasn’t really been in the mood to play.

I’ve always had a problem with high anxiety and lately it’s been acting up pretty bad. Work has it’s ups and downs but right now it seems to be way down there…and then some. After the holidays business has been extremely slow. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I should advertise my day job on my blog so I can generate some business…but I’m sure that might just lead to some trouble. I guess all I can do is keep working hard and think positive.

Anyway, on the bright side, Pooh has been helping me work out! So maybe Tigguhh might make an appearance sometime soon! Until then, I guess I’ll post a random Tigguhh archive image :)

I believe I posted these in a prvious post, but they were censored.

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  • David
    January 23, 2008

    What is your day job?

  • Greg
    January 23, 2008

    All my friends and I think you and pooh are the cutest ever. Whether Tigguhh makes a re-appearance or not, don’t feel down on yourself. You’re damn hot at least, no matter what business does.

    On the general anxiety issues, I hope you can find some peace and cut down on your stress.

  • morrowad
    January 23, 2008

    You’re absolutely one of the hottest bloggers on the web. You have no reason to feel insecure. Such a cutie!

  • Kimoochii21
    January 23, 2008

    You should know we love you, and feel better. David is right, above, when he asks what is your day job? I wish you worked for an agency, like RentBoy, so I could buy a slice. You should post an ad. here, unless your job is something like choreographer (I’ve seen you’ve got lots of sexy dance moves, butch yet hot.) Thanks for these three peeks at Tigguhh; a taste is better than nothing. Kiss, Kiss
    p.s. I wish I could figure out how to attach a picture to my comments, here.

  • jjbfan
    January 23, 2008

    hey, Tiggah/Tigguhh:

    go easy on yourself. a lot of people feel connected to you through your blog – me among them. I bet you’d be surprised who would be willing and able to give you a hand. ask for help if you need it. and remember, anxiety can be a medical problem. please don’t let it get too bad or try to suffer through it without looking for help.

  • tiggahtigz
    January 23, 2008

    thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement! :)

  • returnace
    January 24, 2008

    more pooh and tigguh pics! haha!

  • GomezPatchouly
    January 25, 2008

    Better late, then never,eh? I work in catering and I mean to tell you, things are slow right now. Everyone is partied out from the holidays and broke. But I know things will turn cuz Mardis Gras is coming and after that Easter and the wedding season and things will be hopping till summer, when it all dries up again. My point is things will change and pick up. As for your issues with self image, sometimes we judge ourselves too harshly. Yes, you have to work out if you want to keep your killer bod, but remember that the physical is only part of who Tiggah is. Attitude is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it. Smile and the world smiles with you. Nuff said. BTW, does your dick stay hard all the time? Seems that way from the photos.

  • Mr Rainbow Man
    January 25, 2008

    I just bumped into your blog. These picture are really very interesting! keep up the good work

  • milo
    January 25, 2008

    ‘interesting’ ^^, lol :D They’re hot stuff!

  • sicarius
    January 25, 2008

    Everyone gets blue this time of year. You are a cute smart guy with a lot going for you. I’ve read this blog over the past months and seems you got it going. Take care and hugs.

  • keewhee
    January 26, 2008

    there’s up and downs – it’s a matter of time when you are out of the valley. Just need to brave through it and press on. Going up a valley to the peak needs some patience and effort, i’m sure pooh’s helping you with this.

  • tomeboi
    January 26, 2008

    hi i am kinda new to your blog. i know how your feeling when in the dumps. sometimes i come out of it through time and sometimes its a cheer up from a friend. your pics are hot. you have a real big…… personality \(^_^)/ i love your sexy pics and opening your life and friends to the world. i just wanna say your fans will be here when you wanna talk again. thanks

  • Kimoochii21
    January 26, 2008

    After seeing 8/18/06, what else is there? I knew when I saw the start, and it was going to last 20 minutes, I was gonna’ pop, and I did.
    Favorites – 69 on top? -Yes Sir!-that leaves the best view for me. 3sums? Sign me up. I live on a hill, overlooking the ocean and a concrete pier; whales wash up, etc. There’s a storm tonight-electricity on the blink; wish you were here. I haven’t seen you seme, yet, but was impressed by Pooh, too. I wear suit&tie every work day. I thought you must be a pro. dancer, but unfortunately don’t know any business I can send your way, dancing anyway. Your dark sheets and dog tags look Army; I guess you just like butch-that’s great. Long & slim is much more comfortable than thick; the newest models are curved, sometimes custom to the P spot. I’d like to have one made for you. Game?

  • Ernesto
    January 26, 2008

    You know what you’re hotttt

  • Mark
    January 27, 2008

    You’re hot and darn goodlooking, Tiggah! I wish I had the body to pose like this. :)

  • Anonymous
    January 28, 2008

    Don’t ever feel ugly!! Your sooo cute and you have one hot ass cock. You and Pooh should pose nude together on here more often…….love ya!!!!

  • joelmcvie
    January 29, 2008

    Dude, the blues may come and go, but you (and Pooh too) are still the hottest. Cheer up, hug Pooh. You two have a lot going for you. =)


  • Baby Ron
    January 29, 2008

    hey TigZ take it easy man…A lot of people are caring for you! Stop worrying you are more than what your anxiety is telling you! Cheers!

  • Will Decker
    January 30, 2008

    Huggs Tiggah,
    You might be in for some rough times at work until all the problems in the economy are worked through. They will be worked through. The rich always work things out for them and we get to benefit. Then you will be able to get that new mac :-)

    I just bought some more Sony Stock when I wanted to buy Apple. However, I knew many of you guys weren’t going to be able to buy your new macs for a while. You will though …

    Bye for now dear Tiggah,
    Will .. also from over on Homo-Superior :-)