Tigguhh at Play

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and get some good blogging time in. Just when I’m able to, I forget my phone at work! I have a couple things I wanted to blog about but my images are all stored on my Sony Ericsson K800i. Fortunately, I have some recent images of Tigguhh that I can post!

Tigguhh was in a very playful mood. :) The following link is intended for people 18+ only. Please do not proceed if you are not 18+.

I’ve uploaded about 40 or so images from this set to my Flickr and can all be viewed here. This link will expire at the end of December. If you’d like to view them afterwards you’ll have to add me as a contact on flickr and I will then add you as a contact as well – this will make all my private images available for view.