Tigguhh at Play

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and get some good blogging time in. Just when I’m able to, I forget my phone at work! I have a couple things I wanted to blog about but my images are all stored on my Sony Ericsson K800i. Fortunately, I have some recent images of Tigguhh that I can post!

Tigguhh was in a very playful mood. :) The following link is intended for people 18+ only. Please do not proceed if you are not 18+.

I’ve uploaded about 40 or so images from this set to my Flickr and can all be viewed here. This link will expire at the end of December. If you’d like to view them afterwards you’ll have to add me as a contact on flickr and I will then add you as a contact as well – this will make all my private images available for view.

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18 Comments to “Tigguhh at Play”

  1. depot says:


    pictures are teriffic.
    its been a while since you post pix like these.

    its worth the wait.

    i cant help jacking off. LOL


  2. Moody says:


  3. Joey says:

    I’ve been a big fan of your blog for awhile now but have never posted any comments. I always felt you shouldn’t post any nude pics on the net cause you’re so hot and you should leave some for the imagination. Anyway, love that you’re so open. The pics are delicious too!

  4. booboo says:

    i love the last pic posted here. u look so good there.

  5. tiggahtigz says:

    hehe joey…yea…not much was left to the imagination in this set. Perhaps next time Tigguhh will get a bit more creative :)

  6. katana14344 says:

    yummy! hehe . . .

  7. Anonymous says:

    hey wad about pooh? ive never seen his… i wanna see more of u and pooh in action….. ur my inspiration btw. totally love u

  8. Hazen says:


    Could I please be allowed to use one of your photos on my blog story.

    If I sell the story, I will pay you residuals.



  9. savante says:

    Looks like Tigguh was very happy as well!

  10. jon go says:

    wow hot!

  11. Male Beauty says:

    always awesome and very erotic pics. even using your webcam, it was still handled pretty well.

    love your pics.. I always visit your blog now.

    it would be nice to be able to meet you when i visit the left coast next time. just to hang and have a good time. i love pooh too!!

    you guys are lucky to be with each other. more power always!

  12. flash says:

    tiggz, you look better on these pics! seems you are gaining weight – which is good! you look better with more lean meat har har… but… i don’t see pooh on your pics. i love your action pictures (figures) harhar

  13. John says:

    awesome pics!!

  14. Macky says:

    naughty… haha… but really hot!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Erotic homemade pic…

    Ever think of asking a professional photographer to capture a more sensual erotic pic for you next time (not me, I m not a photographer), for yourself and those naughty blog readers :p

  16. Mikkoi says:

    how about cumshots tiggah???

  17. Anonymous says:

    ur one of the reason why i surf the net, for long now i been visiting yur blog it makes me horny and at the same time fascinate me the life u have ur god’s gift to all the gays in the world keep it up….

    from saudi arabia with love….


  18. Kimoochii21 says:

    It’s been two months since we’ve seen Tigguhh naked. I’m forced to buy Jeff Palmer barebacking DVD’s. Where is my lovely Tigguhh?

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