Random Moment – Fondue Night!

After a night of bar hopping – a shot at Flicks, a shot at 1st on Fifth, a shot at San Diego Sports Bar, a shot at Alibi – Pooh, Tribal, and I thought it’d be a great (yet extremely random) idea to Fondue.  LOL.  So we got strawberries, bananas, and Oreos to dip in our delicious Chocolate Fondue.  It was simply scrumptulescent! 

We snapped this picture.  It reminded us of some lame holiday greeting card. 

It was funny, at 1st On Fifth we were like…”OK, let’s just take one more shot before we go get stuff to Fondue”…That night was extremely random.  :) I guess it’s a you-had-to-be-there type moment.

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