More Celebrating!!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have some very very good news! I was waiting for it to be finalized before I announced it. Today, it was official!

I got a promotion!!! Wuhoo!

Not just a promotion, but the promotion! It’s a commission based position but is (potentially) the highest paying position in the company, and I’m very excited to get to workin. :) I worked very hard to get where I am and it feels great. For have only being with the company for a year, I moved up very quickly. I started in an entry level position, then moved up to a better department…and from there moved up again! I am extremely hard working, persistent, and OCD…I guess those traits help a lot. Unfortunately, in order to keep a bit of my own privacy (despite how much I already “exxxpose” in my blog) I cannot say exactly what I do. If I gave a hint then it’d really give it away. I honestly would not want any of my blog readers going to my workplace and risk co-workers finding out about my dual-life. However, I do believe that what I do in my personal life is really no ones’ business, but I’d prefer to keep them separate. Plus…I like having an alter ego :)

Anyway, let’s just say I work for a very wealthy company.

Tonight, Pooh and I went out to celebrate by having a nice dinner at one of my favorite places to eat, KITIMA. Thai food is my favorite!

Ugh, btw, I need haircut!

It was delicious! I loved every bite :)

Pooh and I have work early tomorrow morning so we decided to stay in and play Super Mario Galaxy on our Wii. We just got it yesterday :) We’ll be celebrating with our friends tomorrow…because it wouldn’t really be celebrating if we weren’t chuggin down the alcohol! :) j/k

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12 Comments to “More Celebrating!!!”

  1. remcyl says:

    wow! im very happy for you! im sure you dont know me yet, but im a religious reader of your entries ever since i was led to your site. anyways, allow me to celebrate with you! ill do some shopping! haha. take care of yourself and ur partner! ingats!

  2. Macky says:

    hey tiggah! congrats!

  3. Gomez Patchouly says:

    Gosh, guys, you just get sexier. I know that this is your blog, Tigz, but I am interested in checking out Pooh’s blog. Could you post his URL or shoot me an email. I feel like such a fool because I know it must be on here somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it, or I did and wasn’t paying attention(stoned?). Still the greatest blog out there, Tiggah.

  4. Bonbon'ito says:

    congratulations! more promotions to come! yeye!!

  5. Bonbon'ito says:

    congratulations! more promotions to come! yeye!!

  6. daemon says:

    hey tiggz! congratulations on the promotion…


  7. Anonymous says:

    you guys look good! And your outfits too! Makabili nga… anyways, Congrats!

  8. keewhee says:

    congratulations on your promotion.

    all the best and may you get another one soon

  9. Jared says:

    I bet you’re a Sales Rep. Auto insurance, life, home?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Tigs! To think that you were saying you were beginning to “dislike” your work a few weeks ago! hehehehe

  11. fuchsiaboy says:

    congratulations on your promotion!

    happy tigguh = more post! yehey!

  12. JOSH says:

    congrats congrats to you tigguh & pooh also! I guess hard work really does pay! :)

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