New Haircut :)

I got a new Haircut :) Yay!

I also figured, since I got a new haircut…I guess I should get a new outfit! ;)

I guess I got a little trigger happy. :)

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8 Comments to “New Haircut :)”

  1. sardonicnell says:

    it suits you, tiggah

  2. JOSH says:

    soo fine! all ready for work! :-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    u r so handsome!

  4. Ernesto says:

    nice hair cut very neat

  5. Jared says:

    Where is your pants from? H&M? Reall nice. At first I thought it was too skinny for work. bYou should have opted for a skinny tie (if that’s what they call those).
    I like the bed :)

  6. DR.NOBEL@berkeley says:

    Tigz hi,

    You’ve got a nice nice haircut!

    It makes you clean and fresh. Keep it that way MAN…

    It compliments your “YUPPY” image… Read: “Young Urban Professional”

    Bagay sa iyo yan Bro.

    Ciao Pinoy :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Your haircut suits you. Does Tigguh like it too? :-p

  8. Pinoy Gay Guy says:

    nice pants ;)

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