Vacation Recap Pt. 2 – Lodging

So I have about 300+ images from our trip to San Francisco…and I feel a bit overwhelmed when I think about blogging about my trip. I really want to share every detail but I guess it would be a bit lengthy. However, it is my blog…so I guess it doesn’t matter? :) Well, I care a lot about my readers and I definitely don’t want to bore you guys, so I’ll post in segments!

Anyway, as I mentioned in my previous post, we were invited to teach Culture Shock Oakland and provide them with choreography for their new set. Since we had paid vacation days saved up, we decided to make it a week stay to enjoy the bay! We decided to leave right after work wednesday night. We had to pick up our friend Jeremy in Long Beach along the way…so we didn’t actually head out for San Francisco until 11:30pm.


It was a nice, long, 7 hour drive. WOW!

We finally arrived…mmmm….IHOP

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Foster City. Why Foster City? I don’t know…but the drive to everywhere we went wasn’t too bad.

To be Continued…

Stay tuned for Pt. 3 – Shopping in The Bay! and Pt. 4 – Nightlife!

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2 Comments to “Vacation Recap Pt. 2 – Lodging”

  1. Moody says:

    Oh, I love hotels and this Crowne Plaza looks nice!

  2. sardoonicnell says:

    crowne plaza in foster city is real nice, tigga! i was just on the other side of the bridge (hayward), if you ask me. there’s this very nice hotel in sutter that i like to stay at whenever i am in the city, it called queen anne hotel. real nice place! sure you’ll like it there =)

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