insane work week!!!!

This week was INSANE!!! I had such a loooooong, tiring, and busy week at work. I am so glad the week is over and I can just finally relax! I’m so excited because my vacation starts next week. :) Wuhoo!!!

Anyway, despite how busy I was at work, I was able to unwind and have some fun at night. I’ve posted some pics!

Dinner with Pooh and Tribal at Chow!

tribal looks mysterious….oooOOooOO

I had Vietnamese Vermicelli Pasta

Pooh had Thai Barbecue Chicken

Tribal had Cashew Chicken but i dunno what happend to the picture (o.O)

Tribal and I had Pom Martinis (Pom Pomegranite Juice!) Yum :)

Afterwards, we moved on to Dolce Freddo for dessert…Sweet Red Bean Shaved Ice!

Tribal has work till 12:30am….booo! So no Tribal tonight. :( Pooh and I had crepes for dinner at some place in NorthPark. I forget the name but it was delicious!
We stayed in and watched a tv the whole night :) It was a long day and we just wanted to rest!

Thursday: 1.5 hours of overtime today….ugh…

Dinner with Tribal…oooo Pho! Yummy…

Our friend from out of town was in town again! Time to party :)
So….all those bottles are now empty. I can’t remember much from that night…but I’m hoping I had fun :)

I woke up with a HUUUUUGE hang over! No more shots…ugh. I had a hang over and was hurting all day… I also had to do 1.5 hrs of overtime…wow… :( After work I went to sleep. 7pm-9pm….woke up…Tribal came over and we all went n got dinner.

Ichiban! Chicken Bowl with spicy sauce :) mmmmm

Afterwards, we went back to our place and I went back to sleep. Pooh and Tribal watched a movie. Wow…horrible hangover…I’m glad it’s finally gone.

Saturday: Omg long day of work…sooo long…no hang over though :) 2 hrs of overtime. GRRREAT! It’s over…so yay! We’re goin out tonight…keep your eyes open for my next post :)

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2 Comments to “insane work week!!!!”

  1. Ernesto says:

    nice looking forward for your new photos lol

  2. denniscal93 says:

    nice pics guys. looks like you guys always have fun. it’s great to be young and experience all that the world has to offer. you seem to hang-out w/ tribal a lot. i was just wondering . . . does tribal ever “join” you two in bed? i remember being in a relationship w/ a guy (he and i were both filipino) and we had a friend (a cute, slightly older white guy w/ a nice “white-guy dick” that we would sometimes enjoy together in a threesome. it would be so much fun. our friend really enjoyed being single and thought it was great to “release” some of his “sexual urges” w/ us and he helped to keep things interesting in the relationship and would act as a mediator at times whenever my bf and i would have an argument. anyway . . . just curious if your friend tribal had a similar function in your guys’ relationship . . .

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