insane work week!!!!

This week was INSANE!!! I had such a loooooong, tiring, and busy week at work. I am so glad the week is over and I can just finally relax! I’m so excited because my vacation starts next week. :) Wuhoo!!!

Anyway, despite how busy I was at work, I was able to unwind and have some fun at night. I’ve posted some pics!

Dinner with Pooh and Tribal at Chow!

tribal looks mysterious….oooOOooOO

I had Vietnamese Vermicelli Pasta

Pooh had Thai Barbecue Chicken

Tribal had Cashew Chicken but i dunno what happend to the picture (o.O)

Tribal and I had Pom Martinis (Pom Pomegranite Juice!) Yum :)

Afterwards, we moved on to Dolce Freddo for dessert…Sweet Red Bean Shaved Ice!

Tribal has work till 12:30am….booo! So no Tribal tonight. :( Pooh and I had crepes for dinner at some place in NorthPark. I forget the name but it was delicious!
We stayed in and watched a tv the whole night :) It was a long day and we just wanted to rest!

Thursday: 1.5 hours of overtime today….ugh…

Dinner with Tribal…oooo Pho! Yummy…

Our friend from out of town was in town again! Time to party :)
So….all those bottles are now empty. I can’t remember much from that night…but I’m hoping I had fun :)

I woke up with a HUUUUUGE hang over! No more shots…ugh. I had a hang over and was hurting all day… I also had to do 1.5 hrs of overtime…wow… :( After work I went to sleep. 7pm-9pm….woke up…Tribal came over and we all went n got dinner.

Ichiban! Chicken Bowl with spicy sauce :) mmmmm

Afterwards, we went back to our place and I went back to sleep. Pooh and Tribal watched a movie. Wow…horrible hangover…I’m glad it’s finally gone.

Saturday: Omg long day of work…sooo long…no hang over though :) 2 hrs of overtime. GRRREAT! It’s over…so yay! We’re goin out tonight…keep your eyes open for my next post :)

  • Ernesto
    August 19, 2007

    nice looking forward for your new photos lol

  • denniscal93
    August 19, 2007

    nice pics guys. looks like you guys always have fun. it’s great to be young and experience all that the world has to offer. you seem to hang-out w/ tribal a lot. i was just wondering . . . does tribal ever “join” you two in bed? i remember being in a relationship w/ a guy (he and i were both filipino) and we had a friend (a cute, slightly older white guy w/ a nice “white-guy dick” that we would sometimes enjoy together in a threesome. it would be so much fun. our friend really enjoyed being single and thought it was great to “release” some of his “sexual urges” w/ us and he helped to keep things interesting in the relationship and would act as a mediator at times whenever my bf and i would have an argument. anyway . . . just curious if your friend tribal had a similar function in your guys’ relationship . . .