City Walk in Hillcrest

Pooh and I went to City Walk on Fifth Ave this morning.

And, yes, we went for the food!!!

there were waves n waves of shirtless guys…it was hot…sometimes.

After a nice long walk up n down Fifth Avenue, Pooh and I wanted to get something to cool off. We remembered that Dolce Fredo was just a street over so we decided to grab a Shaved Ice with sweet red beans and fruit!
Strawberries, Pineaples, Kiwi, Mango, Mochi, Sweet Red Bean, Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, cherries, and Shaved Ice flavored with fruit syrup and evaporated milk. I loved it!!! It was a great dessert on a wonderful day like today. Especially since it’s hot n sunny :)

Well, the day isn’t over yet, and our weekend has just begun (since we have tomorrow off as well). I’ll post again soon :)