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9 Comments to “iPhun!!!!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So you each have one?

  2. Clark Can't says:

    Shetss…Grabe na talaga ito!
    Grrrr… =)

  3. Glenn says:

    wow… you guys are really tekkie buffss… as in technology geeks…. i meant that as a compliment. :)

  4. daemon says:

    you guys are sooo lucky…

    so how long have u guys had it?

    any good? being techie, can you guys give us an assesment of it… hehehe

    anyway im thinking of getting one when it lands on local soil… hehe

    with that said, guess my purchase on the ROKR Z6 / Z8 will have to take a back seat… coz the iPhone is on top of my list…

  5. Anonymous says:

    DAEMON: The iphone was relesed on June 29, so there is no point in asking ,”so how long have u guys had it?”

  6. Taz_kid says:

    YOU… HAVE… AN… iPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cruel cruel world!


    I heard the network was having some problems with the connection or something since a lot of people bought it at the same time and started the network access making some crazy traffic in the phone netwrk world. True? Is it ok now?

    Techie freaks! I’m going to buy one too!!!!!!

  7. mikkoi12 says:

    wish i could have one. sigh! (dream on kid! with the salary you have here in the RP, it’s impossible!)

    did i just riddicule myself? hahahaha!

  8. JOSH says:

    new phones, great! :-)

  9. Anonymous says:

    those aren’t theirs!…stupid fools!…!=))

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