Brian’s & Dolce Freddo…& Chow recap


Pooh and I decided to try a new place for breakfast so we went to Brian’s American Eatery in Hillcrest! The food was great, the portions were gigantic, and the prices were definitely reasonable! The menu is pretty extensive and offers a wide variety of yummy selections. Brian’s is simple yet charming in style, and satisfies ten times more than Denny’s. Yea, I said it. =P There’s so much on the menu to try so I guess I should visit Brian’s often!

I had waffles with a sunny-side-up egg…(the only way I like em!)…oh and Pooh’s honey biscuit (he’s on his low carb diet again).

Pooh had a Chorizo Omelette with a side of sliced tomatoes instead of potatoes :)…and I had his honey biscuit!


Pooh and I went with our friend to Dolce Freddo, a new yogurt place in Hillcrest. These yogurt places seem to be popping up everywhere. (o.O) There’s one being built just a block away from our house. We’re excited because it looks like it’ll be a cool place to hang out! There’s also a pinkberry being built just a couple blocks away from our house as well.

Anyway, I got green tea yogurt with mochi toppings…

it was nice n creamy…definitely yummy! and I love mochi!

Our friend got blueberry yogurt with strawberry toppings…

I tried it…and it was pretty good…but mine was better! :)

Pooh didn’t get any since he’s low carb :(

ahh well..


Going back in time…(it’s my blog…it doesn’t matter if I go in chronological order!)…to a time…before Pooh’s low carb diet…

Last week Pooh and I went to Chow Noodle House in Hillcrest. We noticed that Celadon had relocated to it’s newer, hipper, prettier, trendier location on Fifth Ave in Hillcrest – which we’ll have to try sometime. In it’s place is Chow Noodle House – a pleasant harmony of Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Chow is stylishly sleek and contemporary in design so we were caught off guard by how inexpensive everything was! The highest priced entree was $11!?!? The wine and alcohol was reasonably priced as well. But could something so cheap taste good?

We started with appetizers. We asked the waiter what he recommended. And so we tried the recommended Fresh Spring Rolls…

They were extremely tasty and definitely recommendation material!

We then moved on to entrees. Pooh tried the Japanese 360degree Beef.

I tasted it. The meat was so succulent and savory…I really enjoyed it!

I had the Vietnamese Noodle Soup (pho).

It tasted really really good! However, the only thing that put me off was that in the back of my mind I knew that I could get the same thing for much less at a normal Vietnamese Soup/pho house…but the quality and taste is much better at Chow.

Pooh and I went on a double date with some friends and took them to Chow a couple days later (which I posted in a previous post). I was then able to try a different entree – Drunken Noodles with beef. It was excellent!

Chow has definitely been added to our frequent “Dining-Out” list. :)


3 new places to eat…and all of them great in their own way :) I LOVE food!!!! If you’re ever in the area…you might want to stop by one of these fabulous places! Enjoy!