Weekend Recap!


Here’s some pics from our weekend!

::Saturday night::

Pooh and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at one of our favorite Thai restaurants, Bai Yook.

It was mmmm mmmm Goood!

I then played a little bit of world craft, for the first time in months, on our new tv…

I know…I’m a nerd! (^_^)

We later had friends over for some drinks!

We also went to Numbers for some saturday night dancing fun! Oh, and more drinks :)


It was a beautiful morning so Pooh and I thought we’d take a walk in our neighborhood. It was quite refreshing!

We then headed to the farmer’s market just 2 blocks away from where we live.
I picked up a “Fresh Exotic Ceviche”. It was very different and very good!

Pooh had to do 2 photoshoots in the afternoon, so it ate up a big chunk of our day off. I had to assist him with his lighting. It was fun though :)

After Pooh took his clients’ headshots, we went to get me some new glasses! I got me some Dolce & Gabana frames :)

eee…too close up…Gah!!!!

Later that night, we went out with some friends and…of course…got drunk :)

It was a pretty crazy weekend! I still have our Monday to blog about so stay tuned :)