I’m sure many would agree that there is something about ourselves (more physical than anything else) that we are unhappy with. Some of us look in the mirror and frown in displeasure, fixated on what we feel to be “imperfections”.

We often think to ourselves,
“I wish I weren’t so…” “I wish I had…” “I HATE MY this” “I hate my THAT”

I caught myself doing it today. I took a shower and as I was getting dressed, I glared at my scrawny arms and unmuscular torso. It’s been a while since I’ve worked out and I guess I’ve got to get back to it! Of course, we should all love ourselves and our bodies, but sometimes the insecurities sink in every now and then.

Despite my diffidence, my Pooh still loves me for me and loves me no matter how I look…and that’s all that matters :)

I think our little “imperfections” are what make us all unique individuals. We are all imperfect copies of an ideal image. If we were all perfect then we’d all be the same…if we were all the same…then what would be perfect? With my ramblings set aside, even though I might have insecurities I don’t let it bother me. I encourage anyone with insecurities not to let it bother you either. Striving for a better, fitter self is definitely a good thing…but self acceptance is just as great!

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  1. mikkoi says:

    you know i feel the same way too. everytime i look at myself at the mirror, i see an imperfect person, still striving for more. but when confroted by a person who sees you beyond the physical, everything changes. that is why i love my ruff ruff so much, for he sees beyond me. he defines what enough is, for he sees the i am enough for him. i know erny sees beyond the physical, he sees “enough” in you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your looks are fine, dont worry about it, who says we are all supposed to look muscular? More important to look beautiful on the inside than the outside…anyone can spend 2 hrs at the gym each day to look muscular. Dont beat yourself up in the future and look instead of what you have done and who you are inside. If it still bothers you, then just workout 20 minutes, 3 times a week :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Tigguh,

    True, each of us possess some darkness that highlights our imperfections, but

    In you is a person trully beautiful in the eyes of many, and one special person,

    Go and see what one pooh bear saw, captivating his heart in wonder,

    Garbed with love and sensuous appeal to all, you are blessed and gifted,

    Under the stars and heavens, you are envied by those who can ponder,

    Heed not to the dark corners of this oppressive world… you have what it takes, to be who you see fitted…

    — Taz_kid

  4. Anonymous says:

    The instinct of being more bodily conscious is more pronounced in gay men as we are more “visual” as far as the what’s supposed to be the “ideal” body should look like. At best, it motivates us to live healthier, exercise more, choose our sustenance wiser but on the flip side, we’re more prone to turn to artificial means of achieving the perfect body without addressing the issue of self-worth.

    I think every person owes it to himself to get a good look at himself in the mirror and accept/discover the person he sees staring back because if one can’t accept one’s self, who ever will?

    Best regards…

  5. Quentin X says:

    I showed my partner the photos you posted. He noded (it means he lusts after you). Just as well you live on the other side of the globe or I will ned to come up with something to sabotage your beauty.
    Lest your forget, beauty is in the eye of the beholder (Australian version: Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder).
    I have the same built as you. The good thing about it is we could pig out as much as we can without putting on weight. I have been going to the gym for over a year now, my goal is mainly to avoid getting diabetes by the time I am 40. Both parents and a brother have diabetes. What I am aiming for is to keep body fat % to a minimum (particuarly around the belly). If I bulk up in the process, that would just be a bonus.

  6. EX Korean says:

    I feel the same way too tigz but now, my blog motivates me to keep doing what I am doing. I’m also abusy person but I always that I would never miss my workout session, my diet and rest of course. It takes at least an ounce of sacrifice to do that but eventually, you will hear gracious comments, see flirting stares and experience licking lips. Hehehe

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tiggz! Don’t worry, we have the same body type.

    Anyway, I’ll be emailing you something…. i hope it makes you smile… ;-)


  8. glenn says:

    tigguh, you are adorable despite and inspite of your imperfections. you look very delicious and damn hot and sexy. it must be in your genes… hehehe… take pride dude…

  9. Clark Can't says:

    Dear Carlito,

    Beauty is skin-deep. Love is forever. Cheers!



  10. Anonymous says:

    Actually I like your body type a lot, and thats what keeps making me hard whenever I look at your pictures.

    But whatever makes you happy, if you feel that working out and getting more muscular will help then go for it!

    Way more people have worse problems than just being thin lol

  11. Onidz says:

    Hey Tigz,

    I love this post because of the fact that every one does have their imperfections. There are a lot of people who enjoy you.. not just your physical you, but the essence of who you are. This might sound dumb, but when you commented on my blog it made me so glad because like I said you are an inspiration. You are lucky to have Pooh who seem to love you very much. We don’t have to change… we just have to grow.

    –Much Love

  12. JOSH says:

    insecurities, i have alot, esp when one is getting old. Yup, because we r all different dats y each one of us s special :)

    like u, i just like clicking those cameras, to save whats left of my “youth” and ponder in d memories of me (how narsistic hehehehe)

  13. Hazen says:


    If someone like you, who I have followed for 4 years and who I consider to be as perfect as is possible, has insecurities, I realize that those issues are inside of us, not outside.

  14. Mic says:

    Love these sexy shots T., you look so hot in tight white pants…

    What a body too

  15. Ang Nini says:

    Blog hopping. You’re HOT.I don’t get your point. =) heee heee…

    Well, I kinda like the portion when you said “Striving for a better, fitter self is definitely a good thing…but self acceptance is just as great!”

    well, hope to read more about you and Pooh. BTW, he’s cute. Big crush on him.. I hope you don’t mind. You guys are amazing together.

  16. crisleonard says:

    I,m lovin the grandpa underwear.. hehehehe

  17. Anonymous says:

    times like that happens to everyone…ur good…!!!! no worries!!!

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