Home sweet home : update


Pooh and I have been slowly adjusting to our new home. We’ve been adding to our collection of furniture, home accessories, kitchen supplies, etc. We’ve decided to hold off on painting until we’ve freed up our schedules. I thought I’d share with you guys some images of our sweet abode :)

We found a cute dinette :) I got the orchids because I love orchids. They remind me of my grandmother.

Pooh got a wireless keyboard and mouse to control his macbookpro while attached to the TV. It’s pretty nifty :) Yea, I know…we’re nerdy tech freaks.

I can’t wait to see what our spotlights will look on the walls after they’re painted!

Ahhhh….home sweet home :)

So far, our livingroom seems to be getting filled. Our dining room is still empty…as is the kitchen and our bedroom. Our bathroom is pretty cute but I forgot to take pictures of it!