MMM 3x fun :)


Pooh and I have been spending the past couple of nights with a very sexy man. He’s bald, muscular, and strong…so very sexy. His arms are rock solid, and his body is ripped…I couldn’t wait to strip him down. I love that he’s so aggressive, because, yknow…I love it rough! Pooh and I had a LOT of fun with him, and even took turns. Of course…I like to watch, so I didn’t mind letting Pooh have his way with him while I enjoyed the view.

His name?

Kratos…from God of War 2 :)

(Happy April Fools!)
You guys and your dirty minds…lol :)

He is sexy though…I wouldn’t mind getting between Pooh and Kratos for a couple of hours….nights…weeks…lol.

  • chino
    April 1, 2007

    LOL. word-play!! ayluvet!!

    haven’t played a good game in 5 months.

    im once again a gaming

  • Anonymous
    April 1, 2007

    lol. That one got me. haha

  • Anonymous
    April 2, 2007

    Aww man, i was already starting to feel horny when it got me…hehehe! Nice one! =)

  • josh
    April 2, 2007

    in times like these, i sure wish tigguh was here.. happy april’s fools day!!!

  • charlee
    April 2, 2007

    ahaha… u fooled me. i was jealous for a second. lol.~charlee

  • khalel
    April 2, 2007

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  • grantos
    April 10, 2007

    i liked this game, especially the kratos sex scene. haha