Hmm…I smell :)

Like Dolce & Gabana!

I used to wear Candies, then switched to Curve, and then discovered the invitingly seductive aroma that is Dolce & Gabana. It has a sexy and squeet bouquet, but still embodies a masculine and alluring scent. A friend of mine once told me, although she was drunk at the time, it smells like sex in a bottle. :) So, I guess I smell like sex! (the sweet passionate sexy kind, not the rough sweaty hardcore kind)

Pooh smells like Issey Miyaki!

However, he’s running out and will need to buy some more as well. His scent carries a luscious sweet citrus and spice, complimented with soft hints of wood and amber tones. It’s both masculine yet refreshingly aquatic. It’s an ambrosial aroma that gets me weak in the knees each time I get close to him. I love it!

What do you smell like?